Error in finished infinity scarf project

Hey there,
New to board as well as knitting.
I made an infinity scarf, all the pattern was was seed stitch.
Pretty sure there’s a couple spots that I have two knits or two purls but I’m not that concerned really…
I was trying to find my error online. I thought it was a dropped stitch but it confused me because it only technically had one “ladder”, and it didn’t unravel to other rows?
I could be completely wrong though.
It’s not a huge deal if I can fix but I’m going to try and post some pictures and hopefully someone can tell me what i did wrong. If able to identify problem, is it fixable?

I kinda pulled at it a bit to see if any more yarn would come out and it didn’t seem to?

Thanks for any help in advance :slight_smile: Taylor

I can’t see the photos very well because they’re very dark. The problem might be an accidental yarn over. It’s easy to drag the yarn over the needle when switching between knits and purls. That’ll create an extra stitch which will only ladder down to the original yarn over. if that’s it, don’t worry about it. Try to work the extra yarn into the adjoining sts. Washing will also help even out the extra yarn.

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Thank you @salmonmac!

It’s one of my first projects so I don’t mind if it has some ‘character’ lol.
I pulled a bit at it to see if stitches might come out and nothing so I think you’re correct that I may have done a yarn over.

Well, congrats on finishing one of the first and may there be many more.

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Congratulations! You’re now an experienced knitter!

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It’s not an error, it’s a design feature! :grinning:

My projects usually contain at least one.

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Design feature :smile: … I like it @justlaura Ill have to remember that next time my perfectionist side tries to come outta me while knitting so I can relax. Aha

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Here is a POSSIBLE FIX: treat it as a dropped stitch, take a crochet hook and knit it back in, going all the way up to the top, use scrap yarn to sew it at the top, use a Russian join or anyway to weave the ends in some how. I know about these weirdo stitches and Ive been knitting a while never found out exactly what it was and was too embarrassed to ask! Waiting for the answer from an old timer… but anyway that is my answer to fix it. If it is meant as a gift you want that fixed .