Error in a Pattern

I had almost finished knitting the first of these slippers, only to discover that the numbers don’t add up. I think the first two sizes are ok, but for the 3rd size you are asked to cast on 54 stitches, then bind off a total of 24 stitches throughout the pattern. It then tells you to knit 2 together across the row and the same again the following row and expects you to be left with 7 stitches, but 54 less 24 is 30, as far as I know.

I don’t know whether to start over with 52 stitches instead of 54 or if that’s going to affect the sizing.

Thanks for any suggestions.


I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s a stretchy pattern and slippers aren’t made to be tight, plus the yarn is big, wooly and forgiving. If I’m reading it right (which with this cold is debatable,) instead of seven stitches, you’ll end up with eight. It’s not likely to matter.

If someone with a clearer head chimes in, listen to them :laughing:

Well, I agree with you but it’s pretty close. I would decrease one more stitch to bring you to 7sts on the next row, assuming there is a next row. Or I might be tempted to continue with the 8sts, depending on the next directions.

ETA: I chimed in at the same time but Becky, I have to say that I have a miserable head cold too. So, reader beware.

Hi Becky and Salmonmac,

The pattern assumes you’re left with 28 stitches after binding off the 2 lots of 9 and 2 lots of 3. For the next row it then tells you to knit 2 together across the row. The following row is the last and in that you knit 2 together across the row again, leaving you with 7 stitches, but following the pattern leaves you with 30 stitches at the point where you should have 28. I guess you’d just have to bind off the 8 stitches you’d be left with at the end, but someone on another forum suggested the first lot of stitches bound off should have numbered 10, not 9, which does leave the numbers right, so I have frogged back to where I had bound off the 2nd of the 3 lots of stitches and am taking it from there.

I did email the designer/s on the website where I found the pattern and one of them emailed back to say that here was probably some adjustment in the numbers for the large slipper that did not get carried through to the end and it got published that way and that she would correct it.

She also said that according to the directions I would end up with 9 stitches and to go ahead with those 9, but I don’t know where she gets the 9 from - maybe she had a bad cold too lol - which reminds me, I hope you 2 have recovered from yours.


Thanks, Gillian. All better now and hope Becky is the same.
Yes, I agree. Don’t see where the 9 comes from either but I think what you’re doing sounds fine. It’ll be interesting to see the corrected pattern to see if the designer got the math corrected all around.

Yep, cold has left. Not sure I’ll be any more coherent though :slight_smile:

I can’t see where 9 comes from. The idea that the adjustment didn’t get made is probably the explanation. On something like slippers, and especially when it’s the final row, I wouldn’t worry about it.