Errata? Sheesh!

I read in another post about the errata link for Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. Since I have the book, I clicked on it and was amazed to see all of the mistakes/misprints that are in this book. Mine must have been an older edition bc I had to make all of the changes. Now I’m absolutely paranoid about the rest of my knitting books. My questions are:

Are mistakes common in these books?
Is there a central location to check for errata?
When you purchase a book, do you check for errata right away?

I guess I’m just really amazed because there were [COLOR=“Red”]so many [/COLOR]changes that had to be made, not to mention that two whole pages had to be entirely replaced. Glad I have a printer!! :shock:



Unfortunately, yes. There was a thread about this very topic awhile back.

Generally, either the publisher’s or the author’s website.

I usually don’t check until I’m ready to make a pattern.

It’s generally the first printing that will have more mistakes. Later editions have usually been corrected.

Generally, it’s not the author’s fault, but usually more the publisher’s fault. Knitting patterns contain a lot of shortforms and language that is unfamiliar to most people. When someone is proofreading a book of patterns they may not know what the terminology means and it gets “lost in translation” in a way.

I’m sure that many many books have mistakes in them that we just don’t even notice because there isn’t anything being produced from them. Perhaps we just think that grammar mistake is the author’s style or whatever, but we don’t criticise them as much. Of course we would hold a knitting pattern to a higher standard, but not everyone would see the gravity of a mistake.

Thanks so much for cluing me in, everyone. I gotta tell you, though~~ I’m still in a state of shock.
So [B]many [/B]mistakes! :thud: It must have been a first printing, as suggested by suzeeq. I checked out a few of my other knitting books for errata listed online but didn’t come up with anything, thank God. At any rate, time for a cold shower… or a stiff drink. Maybe both. ha I’m serious. Truth be told, I don’t drink. Maybe it’s time to start. :clink:

Thanks again,

I know what you mean! I downloaded a pattern for a shawl (the Aran Weight Victorian Lace shawl from and I was flabbergasted to find out that there is an entire Yahoo group dedicated to the rewriting of this pattern to make it work out! I have given up, I can’t make sense of the revisions, much less the original pattern. Good luck with your book, I hope it works out for you!