Errata for the Prism Vest

Has anyone made this vest? The pattern is by Juanita Crake and the suggested yarn is Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist. I keep getting a number of stitches different from what the pattern calls for, altough I have been over and over my work and over nd over the pattern. I have searched for errata online and even written the yarn company that produced the pattern. The company just emailed me a copy of the pattern. I’m hoping someone else had made it and can tell me whether they had the same problem.

Is it this one? Is it knit in entrelac?

That is the one!!

I couldn’t find errata for it either. You might contact the company and ask if there’s any corrections. You can post a few of the rows you’re having trouble with and what happens when you work them and maybe we can help you figure it out.

That is a very pretty vest. I hope you get it figured out.

Thanks, Suzeeq,

I contacted the company, whose response was to email me a copy of the pattern I was using. That was not much help. I’m going to go back with some old yarn to the last row that gives the number of stitches and come forward. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll have to post some rows and beg for help.

This is the part of the pattern I’m having trouble with. The pattern is the Prism Vest by Juanita Crake.

DB 11(diagonal band 11) ends with 180 stitches on the needle according to the patern. This is what I had on my needles.

DB 12Row 1: CO1, K39, K2 tog. Turn. (Work shoulder on only these sts. through DB 14)
Row 2: P9, K10, P10, K10, P1 (40 sts) This is also what I had on my needles.
When finished with these stitches, you continue with the remainder of DB 12 as follows:
DB 12 cont’d: Row 1: Attach yarn at right underarm (first st on left needle), contiinuing with sts that have been held on needle while you were working right front shoulder, BO first 20 sts. K across (130 sts)
This is where I’m confused. If I had 180 stitches at the end of DB 11, knit forty of those, holding the other 140 for the second part of DB 12, I either have 140 stsbefore BOing 20 sts or 120 sts after binding off the first 20 sts, depending on when I count. I certainly don’t have the 130 called for in the pattern.
Can anyone see the mistake?

I’m ready to tink the whole thing, throw the pattern away and find something else to do, but my daughter really loves this.