Err... Does this work?!


Sorry, I’ve been looking around online but can’t find any information on this situation!

I’ve knitted a scarf with a particular striped pattern but it’s for my mum, who turns out to be tinier than I realised, and so although I’ve now finished and cast off, I want to make one end shorter.

The trouble is, because of the pattern i need to shorten the end I began/ cast on at. Is it possible to simply cut the yarn where I cast on, unravel to the point I want (as if just knitting normally and going back a couple of rows) and then to cast off again? Or does it not work because that would be knitting in a different direction?

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated… especially as it is a birthday present which has now typically been left to the last minute!



It’s doable, but difficult since the yarn doesn’t unravel from that end.

Your best bet is to run a tapestry needle with a piece of contrasting yarn through one row of stitches where you want to bind off up to. Sort of like adding an life line after-the-fact. It’s easiest on stockinette, especially if there’s a stripe.

Once that’s through, then you can cut almost up to it and then pick put the rest of the stitches–tedious, but doable.

Once that’s out, run a needle through where the lifeline is and bind off again.

Thank you thank you! I’m saved. I’ll prepare myself for some slow work then!

Here’s basically the same technique that Ingrid mentioned. It works perfectly, just takes care.

Thanks for the link! Finished in the early hours of the morning - it worked perfectly.

So glad to hear you were able to fix your problem and that you’re happy with the result. If you get a picture of your scarf, we’d love to see it posted in the Whatcha’ Knittin’ section of this forum.

I bet your mom will really love this handmade treasure! Way to persevere through the difficulties.