Err.. Am I doing this right?

I’m trying to get out of my knitting funk by working on Knitty’s Trellis ( )

I’m working on the back, but before I get too far ahead, I would love it if anyone could give me some assistance. As far as I can tell I’ve been following the pattern/charts accurately, but something doesn’t look right. Unfortunately the pictures aren’t showing the ‘weird’ area that well.

Here’s what I have so far:

Closeup of the ‘weird’ area:


As you can see, or maybe you can’t see it so well, the cabling sort’ve just doesn’t pop up. Now in the chart, there isn’t much cabling in that section, but in the FO’s of others who have made this cardigan, it looks perfectly normal. Mine seems off. Sooo… does anyone know if I messed things up and need to rip back, or if this is normal?

BTW… that part starts around Row 13.

It looks like you purled when you shoulda knit and vice versa, in the middle of the two legs…

Go to and scroll down to fixing mistakes - Correcting a stitch [I]without[/I] unraveling rows - you have a few to fix, but it might be done without ripping out…


Is it possible you are cabling in the wrong direction?

In this case I suspect suzeeq is correct and that the stitches were purled instead of being knitted.

The cable itself seems to be fine, it’s the stitches just above it for a few rows that seem backwards. I think you started doing the WS row on the RS and RS row on the WS. I see now that it’s all across, so yes, you’ll have to rip it out to the last row you cabled on which looks like the last one you did the correct row on the correct side.


Silly me. That must’ve been it… I’ve since ripped out 7 rows and re-knit them and all is well again. Thanks a lot Sue! I think I should read the chart myself instead of being lazy and getting someone to read part of it to me (who isn’t a knitter). :stuck_out_tongue: Now to go onward!

Good grief, you’ve got a non knitter reading a chart?! I’ve been knitting for years and can’t… Well, I can but it’s lots harder for me than reading a pattern, so I try to avoid them.


Only that general area of rows. I looked over a couple times, but obviously wasn’t paying that much attention. I, too, favor written out patterns to charts, and would prefer that in a heartbeat! Knitting from a knitting pattern is a lot quicker for me than charts, I’m waiting to get the hang of charts where it all will be common nature… we’ll see if that happens hehe

It also helps to learn to read your knitting. After a pattern repeat or two (lengthwise, not across) you can see what it should look like and realize if you’ve done the row wrong or not. I’ve been trying out Cozy and have to stop and figure out where I am whenever I pick it up after a break in it.


That’s what I was doing at the time, and continue to do, I only difference was I was being told the inverse of K’s and P’s. I have a couple parts memorized, at this point, so (hopefully) it will become a quicker progress. :slight_smile:

I’m a little rusty at the moment, but it’s mostly my speed, not the amount of skill, that’s changed. Just gotta get back into the swing of things, I guess!