Eris V Neck Sweater

I just found and fell in love with this sweater.
If anyone wants to join me as a KAL, you are more then welcome to :slight_smile:
This is my first attempt at charted cable design.
Here’s the link if your interested.
I won’t be starting it till near xmas of early Jan.

Iam also going to knit the celtic hat as well.

i just ordered this and the Rogue Hoodie patterns and the yarn. as soon as my yarn comes in I am going to attempt them. :happydance:

Hi April :slight_smile:

I just picked out the yarn also, Iam hoping to use a broze one that Maryann is selling on the swap/sell page.

Iam excited about knitting it, but a little nervous about the cables. I may have to write the chart into word instructions, with it being my first time knitting with a cable chart.

What one are you knitting first :slight_smile:
I liked the rogue one but , the bottom hem of the eris was absolutely beautiful :heart:

I have knitted the celtic cap, I love it!
And the Rogue… and I have bought the pattern for Eris, but have not started yet. Maybe next year.

I think I will start the Rogue first because it is for my daughter. I may start both at the same time and just switch off. I will probably have to write out the cable chart also. I have never worked from a chart and it looks a bit scary. Good luck. Can’t wait for the yarn to come in!

I thought the cap was wonderful, I have a hank of a pale green wool, that I used to knit a sweater and had left over. Iam going to try it in that.

Doing the baby steps with this one, the chart is a bit scary and 14 pages for the hat pattern whoa …:slight_smile:

I have to tell that I am not very used to knit from english patterns, I sometimes find it a bit difficult in a foreign language.
Both the celtic cap and the Rogue was so easy to understand and knit. Side up and side down… many pages, but that is because she tells you how to do it, very detailed.

I thought I would try and ressurect Eris. I got Knit Picks Telemark in Grey Wolf. It knits up really nice so far and gives me almost perfect guage. Who can beat the price :).

If anyone is interested, I just started the neck, Iam doing the cardigan, I started it last night, about 1/2 way around I realized I missed a cable and it was really noticable so I had to frog back.

So if anyone wants to share ideas, and work along :slight_smile:

Join In.

I want to make this for my daughter’s birthday. I don’t need to finish by then, simply have the yarn for it and the neck done so I can give her that and then fit it as I go… but I just can’t seem to decide on the yarn I want!

I was hoping to check out different yarns people used on the yahoo knit-along that was done for this, but the group is GONE! :frowning:

Mama Bear

OMG that sweater is gorgeous! I wish I knew how to knit cables and I’d join in the fun. Maybe I’ll order the pattern to just keep around until I master cables. :aww:

Hi MamaBear

I used Knit picks telemark and it knits pretty much to guage and so far it looks nice and is really soft. Iam a little nervous as I have never blocked a sweater before so that will be all new to me.

Don’t worry about the cables, they are really easy to understand, and even the more complicated ones, they provide a easier one to do that looks similar to the suggested one but more for beginners.

So far Iam almost done the front left collar cables.
I have never knitted a sweater where it is knitted off of a beginning collar.

I really had to read the pattern carefully first and remove all pages not needed as it can get confusing at times.

Anyhow so far so good, I will post a pic as soon as the collar is done.


Love the pattern–had to have :teehee:

I just downloaded! OMG 40 pages of print! That’s a little scary----Oh well, one step at a time! Can’t decide cardigan or pullover :shrug: I think I might do both–if it isn’t tooooo difficult.

Now to decide the yarn :?? I do have enough Cascade 220 on hand to make either but don’t know if that is what I should be doing it in. Such decisions!

Don’t worry about the pages, as you are really only going to do about 20 for each type of sweater, and it has a whole range of sizes available so it needs the extra room. It’s really not that bad. Besure to measure and do your guage, I think it would be pretty in cascade as well.
When I got my guage and picked the size , I took a highlighter through the book and highlighted everything that had to do with my size. (on the right hand side of each page written side ways tells you what pages are for pullover and which for cardigan).
Double check tha cable charts as each size does certain charts in a certain order (I just crossed out the charts I wasn’t using so I didn’t get over zealous and work it).
Also on the chart that explains the cable turns etc. There are two particular ones that have a really detailed step in them and right below they have a alternative suggestion.
Go for the alternative, I tried both and the difference is nothing to the naked eye and the alternative is so much easier to do.

If you need a hand let me know, since I have the pattern just let me know what page and where, I can help you decifer it…:slight_smile:

Can’t wait to have a knitting partner in this. Iam past the fun part and currently on the boring portion of the body right now…:slight_smile:

Thanks EC—I hope to have some time today to do guages in the cascade. I have a charcoal color so think I will do the pullover. I really like the cardigan but thought I’d like it in a lighter color and since I have the cascade already-----see my reasoning :teehee:

Many swatches later-----I got started, ripped and started again with a different size needle. The problem being, different size needles giving me the same row gauge. Time will tell, but I think it will be okay. I do alot of measuring all the way on projects.

Thanks for the tip on the alternative for the cable , I just didn’t waste my time and skipped to the easier method. This is going to be a challenge for me, but that’s okay, I need it. I have had very little experience with charts so it will be a slow go for a while! Been knitting (for real :teehee: ) a little over a year.

Don’t worry it will go quicker, I kept the chart key beside me the whole way, after the first half was done, I could tell if I miss read a cross over.
It mentioned something in the guage about the cable it being important for either row or stitch guage and the body being important for the other.
Its pretty easy to adjust , after the neckline and you pick up the stitches it just becomes a basic neck down raglan pattern and you can increase or decrease the amount of rows till it fits across the shoulders.

I plan to start this as soon as the yarn I picked out arrives! I was having a time finding what I wanted. I decided I wanted to try this with something with more drape and that would work in a wider variety of weather than wool, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.

I finally found it! It’s a discontinued yarn. 30% Cashmere, 30% silk, and 40% rayon. I’m hoping that since the cables are tighter and supposed to work with cotton and such, that this drapey yarn will still show the patterns ok. Someone was destashing this yarn and I just couldn’t resist! When I googled it, everyone who had worked with it seemed to love it. I hope it holds up well over time!

I think the color in the photo is lighter and more rose than it really is. The yarndex swatch shows it more plum, it’s the 6239. Anything in between would be nice.

I can’t wait!

Mama Bear


Oh that is going to be gorgeous. Are you going to do the pullover or the cardigan with it?

Very pretty MB

I’m stumped already! I’m on row 38 which is ws. For some reason I just can’t get the emblem that is “purl through back loop” I’ve looked in books but what I have found is purling through back loop means M1 .

Okay, my last stitch was a knit st. Do I bring my yarn to the front as if to purl then insert right needle into the back loop of next st. Then now is where I’m lost ??? I apologize for explaining this as clear as mudd! Any help?

You are going to purl it as you normally purl with yarn in front, but instead of putting th needle through the front loop on the needle, you need to pput it through the back.

go to this link right hand side 7th item down. There is a little video link, try the pink one it looks just like what I was doing.

Hope it helps