Erika Knight: juniors jacket pattern help

Hi, I am a newbie and to knitting. I have completed the back which was fairly straight forward but I’m stuck at the LEFT FRONT - see attached.

So far I have K7 and cast off next 8 sts, knit to end. I am now stuck with what happens next. For the next row am I to knit all the way through over the cast off? I presume the cast off is the opening for the pockets. So if I knit all the way through then that would reduce the width meaning it won’t match the bottom anymore.

I hope this makes sense, thanks in advance!

The cast off row sounds correct. On the next row, you’re going to use one of the 2 pocket linings that you’ve already knit and are saving on holders. (If you haven’t knit these, take a new end of yarn and make the linings.)
On the sweater front, when you get to the gap left by the cast off sts, substitute the live pocket lining sts from the holder. Just knit straight across one of them and then finish out the row.

Ahh I think I know what u mean… Basically I would need to knit the pocket linings and then slide them back in where the gap is and continue to knit. I will work on it now and see

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I am half way through knitting LEFT FRONT but it is a lot longer than BACK so something is up.

‘cont straight until work[B] meas 18cm from cast on edge[/B], ending with RS facing the next row’

Does that mean the measurement is from the edge (bottom of fabric) to the kneedle? What i currently done is measure from the edge of the pocket facing.


It should be a measurement from the very bottom edge of the fabric, from the initial cast on.
If the next directions are for the armhole, then this should match the length on the back to the armhole.