's too big. What to do?

Ok, so I’ve made my first baby block out of 6 swatches and seamed them together. The result is too big for the foam cube that goes inside. I’m wondering if I should wash and dry the (cheap, acrylic) yarn so that it’ll shrink a little and then fit? Thoughts or advice?


I doubt acrylic will shrink. It’s all about gauge isn’t it. I’ve had to learn the hard way too. Can you cut a foam cube that will be large enough? Did the pattern talk about gauge and needle size? And did you do a swatch to make sure you were on gauge?

Yeah that whole gauge thing can be a real pain. I just frogged a half way done vest because it was turning out big enough to fit an elephant. :rofl:

Well, now you have 6 swatches!

Seriously, measure the cube against one of the sides and see how many stitches across it is, add another stitch to each side for seaming and start knitting again.

Now that you have the foam cubes, you can sew the squares together around it as you knit them, that way you’ll know that each one is the correct size.

Yeah, I used 10 sized needles instead of 9 (b/c I didn’t have 9) but I still measured my swatches to the size in the pattern (3.25"). I think all my mistakes probably didn’t help the rectangular-ness of each swatch. I’ve already sewed the swatches together, but maybe I’ll look for a bigger cube (?). Thanks for your thoughts and advice!