Er, I tried to insert pic (into my profile) and it said?

Er, there’s no technical forum so I’ll just post here? :shrug: :slight_smile: I tried to pic a pic in my profile but when I clicked submit it said “The avatar image file size must be less than 12 KB”. ??? How do I fix this? (make it less than 12 kb) and what size SHOULD I make it? :slight_smile: Thanks. :slight_smile:

it really depends, you can either make the image smaller in pixel size or you can make the file smaller by lowering the image quality.

How big is the image? the one I have is 80x80 I think

The image has to be 80x80 pixels or less.

Try here: Select the “On your Own” option to be able to set the pixel size you want to shrink your image to. I usually just enter one and let it determine the other to avoid distortion (if you enter both that is what the final image will be scrunched/stretched to fit).

Edited to add: shrinking an image to 80x80 pixels usually makes the file size plenty small as well.

Thanks! :wink: I’ll try it! :slight_smile:

I think I did it? :?? :cheering: I wish I could make it bigger? :shrug: :?? Like, when it says resize/ you have to have the highest number on 80?

Woo Hoo! You got it to work!

Sorry. You can’t make the image any bigger if you want it to be your avatar (the image on the left).
80 is the biggest that is allowed.

Thanks. :wink: I picked a better one that comes out clearer/ smaller. :slight_smile: