I have yarn from UK with GM weight but no yardages. What is the yardage equivalent of 50 GM of double knitting yarn?

50 gms of fingering is going to be longer than 50 gms of bulky so that’s not going to help. Does it have meter length? Yarns from elsewhere usually just have other ways of measuring like meters. None of that is on the tag?

According to this table, 50gms of DK should be in the range of 125-150 yds depending on the fiber.

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Thank you very much for the info. How wonderful it would be if all measurements were universal. Isn’t metric more accurate?

No measurements other than Gms. It is yarn I have had for 2 decades, at least. I have enough info now, thank you.

@ladyl Oh good. Those old yarns are a mystery sometimes! I’m working on a hat with mystery yarn right now, too. :wink: