Environmentally Friendly Products

I fell in love with Ms. Meyers too!!! One of the things I really love is that all of the products are available in each scent line so you can have “matching” scents throughout your home, I really dig that a lot. Rockin the Lemon Verbena at the moment. :slight_smile:

Another cool thing is their products seem to be becoming available in “mainstream” stores, like the nicer grocery store chain in my area, so I don’t have to make special trips anywhere.


I like using swiffer products but we are moving to Switzerland and I wasn’t sure about the availability of the covers so after an internet search I found out that there are lots of knitting patterns on Ravelry for swiffer mop and duster covers. I also found sewing patterns for the same!

I found on a video on youtube of how to refill those bottles for the swiffer, too.

On the compact light bulbs, yes they work great. They use a fraction of the energy the old light bulbs did. I didn’t notice any difference in the amount of light. I have a lamp we use every night. I was replacing bulbs every two months. The compact bulb lasted two years. The second one in my lamp is about two years old now and still going strong.

Spraying undiluted white vinegar around doorways and in front of attached garages keeps ants out of the house. I spray once a week and more often when it rains. My son used this successfully at his restaurant, since they can’t use chemical sprays around the food. It’s great around children and pets.

Lamers Dairy (Dairyland’s Best) in our local area offers milk in half gallon glass milk containers like the kind we used to get in the 1950’s and 60’s. You pay a deposit and bring them back when you’re finished.

My sons leave the cars home and drive a motorcycle and moped. They get around 100-150 miles per gallon of gas.

One of my favorites is Mr Clean Magic Erasers. They don’t have any chemicals in them. You use your own cleaners. They’re great for getting soap scum out of bathroom sinks and a great alternative to harsh powders like Comet that leave a residue behind.


Slow growing grass that needs little mowing.

Kit to teach your cat to use the toilet and stop using litter.

I hate “super glue” since I always glue my fingers together, and I am sure it is terribly toxic for the environment.

Anybody have any ideas for good [B]glue[/B] for yarn projects that require something stuck onto plastic? I am making index file boxes decorated with crochet flowers and wrapped in yarn - sort of like those “yarn mobbing” things. :eyes:

Unfortunately [B]compact light bulbs[/B] have been linked to problems for people who have autoimmune diseases or other issues.

I use the [B]Toplus Pest Repeller[B]. It’s a really a bad idea to expel insects with the insectifuge which will cause pollution and do harm to kids and pets. This product uses ultrasonic technology repels insects which is noiseless, non-toxic and chemical-free. And the effect is so much better than I expected. And it’s also solar powered. (We all know how much pollution will cause with the batteries. ) It’s quite the most environmentally friendly products I used.

I make my own cleaners (you can do a LOT with white vinegar and baking soda!), reusable containers for my dh’s lunches, buy in bulk and package at home to reduce waste, etc.

Some eco-friendly ideas include: biodegradable cutlery, bamboo picnicware, reusable paper towels, silicone or stainless steel straws, reusable sandwich bags, compostable paper plates, waterless laundry detergent strips, countertop composters, and upcycled furniture.

What are eco-friendly products and why?

Eco-friendly products contain materials that have been recycled, are easy to recycle, or are gathered from a natural source like bamboo or cotton . Ideally, these products should be made in a solar-powered building that uses the least amount of water as possible.