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Oh okay, I’ve never had a pool. That’s a good idea to take a sample in.


I bought several of the compact fluorescent light bulbs a while back. Supposed to last 7 times longer than regular light bulbs, use far less wattage, lower your power bills, etc.
I had one burn out the other day, in just about the same amount of time that a normal light bulb would have. Made me feel pretty ripped off. It’s just the one, so far, but if I see any more burned out bulbs, I’m gonna be P’d.
By the way, I have also heard that these CF bulbs contain mercury, making disposal of them hazardous. Anyone else heard the same?
Is this a good way to be environmentally conscious or not?

Volcano Vaporizer


Nothing is perfect all the time. I have to say though that mine have lasted a really long time so far. I have several and I don’t think I’ve replace more than one and it’s been many months.

Yeah, they do contain mercury and I wondered the same thing. I guess they can’t be tossed in the trash when the go bad. I should look that up… I’ll be back if I find something.


the most recent issue of consumer reports is a ‘green’ issue. they did address this, I’ll see if there is a portion i can post when I get a chance.


I just found an excellent article on CFL’s! It also gives info one what to do with them.

Here is some more info.


It is true. You can’t throw them in the trash. You must take them to the hazardous waste/household toxics roundup. It’s a pain in the patootie. If they break on the floor, you’re supposed to evacuate the room, open windows, sweep with stiff cardboard into a zip bag, pick up the residue with duct tape (no brooms allowed) and put that into the zip bag, too. Mercury is toxic, so it’s not to go into the landfill.

I wish this info were printed larger on the CFL packaging.

Plus, they’re all made in China and shipped to the USA.

I have them in all my lamps and light fixtures. :doh:


Fortunately it’s a good thing they last a long time.


I’m hoping that by the time most folks’ bulbs are burning out there will be easy recycling available at grocery stores, hardware stores, etc… everywhere… and people won’t have to put them in the trash.

I did click on your link, Jan, and I do see the benefit to the environment because of less mercury contamination due to less coal powered electricity.

It’s hard to have the mercury contamination possibly coming from one’s home rather than being farther removed at an coal powered electric plant. I guess it makes us more aware of our impact on the environment… supposing one actually knows there is mercury in the bulbs.


If anyone lives near an Ikea, they have boxes for the return of the light bulbs, also batteries. I am in Canada but I assume that Ikea in USA would do the same.

On a side note, years ago we used to play with mercury in school in science class and it was great fun if a thermometer broke.


That is good to know. I’m over an hour from an IKEA, but it’s still good info.

I played with it when I was a kid, too. My mom has a little vial of it in her jewelry box that her father had given her. I think it had been some kind of machine lubricant? It’s very cool stuff. Too bad it’s so toxic… lol.


Just wanted to let anyone who cares know that my daughters and I all absolutely love our Envirosax reusable bags! They are beautiful and they hold a lot of stuff. They also fold up really small so it’s easy to toss one in your purse or coat pocket. I keep the whole set in my car for easy access, too. I highly recommend them! :thumbsup:

Oh, I got us the Mikado set. :yay:


Think it’s tacky to get these for my boss for Mother’s Day? The county where we live has passed a no plastic bag law to go into affect I think in 2010 & I thought this might help her get ready.


Not at all! These would make a beautiful gift! I know you can get a lot of bags in stores now cheaper, but for gifts these are great. :thumbsup:

I wish our county would outlaw plastic!



[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]This topic is going to make me go broke! Aside from knitting my passion is being environmentally friendly, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to do so… unless you’re like me and you can’t get enough cool things people show you. :whistle:

I use all [B][COLOR=“Black”]Method[/COLOR][/B] products. Love their cleaning products for wood, stainless, all purpose. They have free and clear cleaners for those of us who are allergic to everything. Their floor cleaner set up is wonderful. Hand soaps are wonderful. I could honestly go on and on about their products. [/COLOR][/FONT]



I absolutely love my [B]Acme bags[/B] from reusablebags.com!!
We use tons of concetrated household products from [B]Melaleuca[/B], all are non-caustic and made from nothing harmful.


Your link went to your business site for some reason. I changed it so it went to the Melaleuca product site.


When my daughter was 2 years old she got these nasty red, dry, splotches behind her knees and on her legs. The doctors were all to informative about it and weren’t really helpful with it either.

I found [B]Melaleuca[/B] just by browsing around on my own.

I can tell you what a miracle company they are. Not only did the lotion [B]ReNew[/B] work miracles on her skin. I also read that changing the way the house was being cleaned: eliminating aerosols, and caustic and toxic chemicals- along with what the clothing was being washed in made a [U]HUGE[/U] difference in her skin condition.

So I would say HANDS DOWN that Melaleuca is quiet possibly THE BEST around when it comes to environmentally friendly. Not only are the products free of all that harmful stuff they clean brillantly! And to top it all off, they come in concentrated form and you use water from your own house to dilute them. (Didn’t know you were paying for water when you bought them from the store did ya? Ya, even Seventh Generation has you paying for water. Man, that’s some expensive water!!!)

Go check them out, and see for yourself. You only live once. Why would you be skeptical of something that is so natural… and economically sound? These days we need both!

I’m not a salesperson for them, but I am not shy about what they have done to help control my daughter’s skin condition and to help keep my family healthy and well.

We all LOVE Melaleuca!!!

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i love using my ecotools make up brushes. theyre super soft and affordable. (about $12 for a set of 5) i use them pretty much everyday :slight_smile:


I have them, too, but don’t use make-up much. I do love them, though!


I love anything by [B]Mrs Meyers[B]!![/B][/B]

My favorites are the countertop spray and the surface scrub, both in lavender.

I have to admit, I started using these for purely selfish reasons. I am super sensitive to chemicals, the smell gives me an instant headache and I break out something horrid!

These work very well, smell awesome, and are nice on your skin!