Environmentally Friendly Products


LOL, yeah that is a plus!


I’ve used a Nalgene bottle for years, but am switching to stainless steel. I like patterns on the Sigg bottles, but these are cheaper and I like the message. :wink:


I love my ridiculous collection of Sigg bottles. (Yeah… do I need 4 of them?) If you are looking for something from Sigg, though, you need to find them online fast or at a store. Sigg has stopped supplying most internet retailers because their demand is so high, they can’t keep up right now.


Yeah, I saw that. I can always get one of those later. :wink:


sooo… I Craig’s Listed all my wrapping paper recently. It was the only thing that was going to force my hand in getting rid of single use packaging. I had bought a bunch of fabric last year after christmas to make bags for this year. I haven’t started on any of that fabric yet but I have some gifts that I am giving soon so I started playing the last few weeks. They are currently really simple, reversible bags but they MAY get more complex once I can actually sew a straight line. So here’s the first set… The “nerds rock” fabric is my favorite, and as luck would have it, some of the gifts are for supah geeks! :teehee:


Oh yeah! That is really neat. I saw some fabric gift bags at Wal Mart awhile back, but I mean, who wants to buy from them??? I’ll make some. THANK YOU for the great idea!!


Fabric bags for gift bags. I never would have thought about that! That’s a good idea and those are really cool! Nice that they can use them again for something. :thumbsup:

I was also looking at some fun reusable bags that would make nice gift bags…sort of a gift within a gift! :wink:


BTW - I know you can get those cheaper ones, but these are prettier for the gift bag idea. :teehee:


Yeah I love those for gift bags too but I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on them I don’t think… well for some gifts I could I suppose. I have used the Chico bags as gift bags too. They don’t look as pretty but everybody who has gotten them has absolutely loved them. It makes me a little giddy that they actually “get it” too. :heart:


Love your bags… Did you have a pattern for them or did you just wing it?

I have a fine collection of paper gift bags that I save and re-use. My friends and I joke about who will get “the striped bag” next. I find them at thrift stores a lot, too. I’ve also taken to decorating and re-using coffee cans and other cylindrical containers with beads or ribbons and giving gifts in those… it’s fun, crafty, and thoughtful. It’s fun to find old tins or boxes at thrift stores or yard sales, clean them up, and use them to wrap, as well.


This pattern happened to be on my iGoogle page one day and I used it as the springboard to finally get started doing the bags. I have played with it a bit to move the draw string down a little further on the ones that have the little cuff. i have other patterns, just need to get them out and play with them. :slight_smile:


What a wonderful idea. We too recycle our gift bags over and over again, but what a great way to add some variety to the bags we have been using for probably ten Christmases.

I also received my order from the Chagrin Valley Crafts (natural soaps and shampoos) that was put on this thread quite a while ago. I absolutely love them. I can’t wait to try more of them and am ecstatic that we won’t be using anymore plastic shampoo bottles :cheering: . It’s also going to help greatly on our camping trip in Colorado next week. I have always hated packing bottles that can leak and now we have a solution.


Good news for people who loved their Nalgene bottles! They now have a new BPA free line that includes stainless!


These are not organic, but they are all handcrafted… I’m thinking that’s greener than mass production, but I may be wrong.


This the site of a friend of mine. :slight_smile:


The bags are on sale! Including some of the supah pretty ones. :slight_smile:



Weeee! Thanks for telling me! I just ordered 4 sets of the Envirosax! One for me and 3 for Christmas gifts! :yay:


I got the bags and I love them!!! I hate that I have to wait till Christmas to use them or give them to my daughters. :teehee:




A while ago I asked about which clothesline people had (a T or umbrella style) and I finally bought one! I bought it from http://www.clotheslineshop.com/ and I just love it. We chose a umbrella for the compact size. It was so easy to install, you just shove the sleeve into the ground then slide it in and done. I have it right outside on the porch in the side of a small flower bed. It also comes with a cover to protect it. Here is a picture of it with my daughters clothes on it

(please ignore the greeness of the pool in the background, we are still trying to figure it out!)


Maybe the pool needs chlorine? :?? Looks like a great clothesline! Our yard is really small so I have a chain (literally) strung across the patio.


I am learning that pools need more than just chlorine, I am taking a sample in to the local pool store tomorrow and they will let us know what we are doing wrong! Finally! :wink: