Environmentally Friendly Products


Compost bins… :think: I don’t know, but I’m sure someone will. Have you searched on Google yet?


yes, i’ve look online, but all i’ve seen are hundreds of dollars with a hefty shipping charge slapped on 'em. I’m pretty much just wondering if any well recognized stores (Home Depot for example) have them.


Home Depot guys or any nursery should be able to tell you how to make one. I know my dad has made several that range anywhere from easy to the kind that you turn a handle and it flips the bin for you to mix it up I guess.


great i’ll ask when i get the chance.

some bins turn in order to get more oxygen throught the pile so that it decomposes faster.


I love the [B]Seventh Generation diapers and wipes[/B]. The diapers run small but they work great. I buy them online at 1800diapers.com.


I tried Simple Green for bathroom cleaning, but unfortunately it doesn’t do much to soap scum, etc. I’ll have to check out the Seventh Generation products if I can find them.


Jan, Babies R Us has started carrying Seventh Generation and also Whole Foods and Henry’s.


Great topic Jan! Well, this is my problem: I really want to switch over to carrying my own bag to the grocery store because of all the deaths being caused by plastic (birds etc) but, we can’t figure out what we will put our trash into because that’s what we use. When we’re in the country we compost but we can’t in the city… but there’s still bottles and stuff that have to be put in plastic.

I didn’t see an answer to your question. Think I’ll google it. (about garbage bags)

Appreciate all the other tips esp those Chico bags! (thanks for the link)


Well I found this but it’s kind of hard to move into buying garbage bags when they’re free.


This is interesting too:


Thanks for the info, Orangey! I do shop at Henrys so I’ll check there next time I go. Whole Foods isn’t far either.

Vic, I know what you mean. Right now I already buy bags for the large trashcan in the kitchen, but I use store bags for the recycle bin. I figure that is okay though and a good use for them because I am recycling them. When my box of trashbags is gone I intend to buy something biodegradable though.

I think these were listed elsewhere in this thread, but I’ll post them here, too. These are the ones I have bookmarked.



Thanks Jan for the links! That’s so funny, right after posting here we went to lunch and the Whole Foods in the building where we ate were giving out green cloth bags. We got two… there was a big line of people, everybody grabbing 'em.


I recycle whatever I can. Paper, cans, and even yarn! :happydance: When I finish a project I use that extra yarn for another project like scarfs. In the end, all of that yarn goes to good use!:slight_smile:


I thought I’d ask here rather than start a new thread. Does anyone have a good natural commercial shampoo and conditioner that does not contain tea tree oil? I tried the Jason’s, but forgot that I was allergic to tea tree oil. It made my scalp break out in hives! I’m having so many problems with regular shampoos and am having some sort of allergic reaction to something in the shampoos. My head just itches all the time. I thought at first I had gotten lice, but after relentless searching and combing that isn’t the case. I quit using hair spray and hair gels a couple of years ago because they really made my scalp itch and now I can’t find a shampoo that doesn’t drive me batty.

What do you use. I saw there were some suggestions to making your own and I would as a last resort, but would muc prefer to purchase something already made.


I saw shampoo at Henrys the other day, but I didn’t take it down to read the ingredients. I’ll keep my eyes open when I’m out.

Is baby shampoo a problem, too?


I am liking this website too. http://www.greenfeet.com/ They have the chico bags 5 for $20 and they have a deal right now where if you spend $75 or more on any thing in the store, you get to pick a present worth up to $20.

Method brand has a soap scum cleaner that seems to work pretty well.

I found biodegradable garbage bags not long ago… i need to go find them again. Will try to look tonight. :wink:

btw… i am absolutely in LOVE with Ecover’s fabric softener. it smells so delicious. Their stain stick, though, is NOT color fast. I am not sure how long it takes but i put it on a spot on an off white shirt and let it sit for a few days until i washed it. the spot came out VERY clear… the rest of the shirt is a darker off white though…lol.


Good to know about Method. I am trying Seventh Generation shower cleaner and I’m not sure it’s cleaning soapscum all that well. I’ll continue with it for now, but I’ll try Method, too. They have a lot of products in Target.


Ah yes, here it is. Bio Bag.

BioBag tall kitchen bags are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. They contain no polyethylene-based ingredients and are fully certified by the US Composting Council and the International Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). Much like paper towels, BioBags are shelf stable yet biodegrade quickly when exposed to nature’s elements and micro-organisms leaving behind no harmful residues. Certified under ASTM D6400-99 and OK Compost. Each .66 mil. bag measures 24 in. wide by 28 in. high.

They have a couple of other options on that page too. I am sure there are other place you can buy them as well. This was just the shop where I found them.


what an awesome thread!

I only made it through 6 pages so far so if these have been repeated somewhere, forgive me.

I LOVE Heather’s All Purpose Soap. I dilute and put into spray bottles and the stuff lasts FOREVER. I use it on my tile floors, cabinets, hamster accessories, desk, really everywhere, and I adore it. It smells great too. I have also used the [B]oxygen cleanser[/B] and [B]window cleaner[/B] and i was pleased with those also.

[B]seventh generation[/B] has been mentioned a bit already and thankfully, it is becoming more readily available to me at local markets, so i’ve been using the [B]dishwashing liquid. [/B]

also readily available at Target and CVS near me is [B]method[/B] http://www.methodhome.com/ who makes a full line of home care products, all cruelty free and plant derived ingredients, no chemicals and speaking of environmentally friendly, they have a promotion for a free [B]canvas tote[/B] with $20 purchase here. i have used their [B]hand soap[/B], [B]tub and tile cleaner[/B], [B]detergent[/B], [B]fabric softener[/B], [B]fragrances[/B], and I can’t think what else right now, but i LOVE them.

and speaking of [B]canvas bags[/B] all of the markets here, even some of the smaller health food stores, are now offering very inexpensive [B]canvas grocery[/B] bags, for around $1 typically, and i am LOVING them. i forget them a lot, though, in which case i use paper because i always find a way to reuse paper efficiently. the best ones are from [B]Sweetbay/Hannaford[/B], IMO anyway as they fold up and snap shut in a cute little rectangle that fits in my shorts pocket. and it’s HUGE. i use them for traveling too, they’re awesome and multifunctional. :slight_smile:

and let’s see… [B]natural spider prevention: [/B][B]essential citrus oils, [/B]orange, grapefruit, etc. but make sure it’s an essential not a fragrance. be careful, though, about potential contact with pets/skin as essentials can be an irritant. place a few drops near windowsills/entryways where spiders can enter or place a few drops on a cottonball.

[B]freshen your vacuum: [/B][B]essential lemon oil [/B]on a cottonball placed inside your vaccuum cleaner bag or bagless container makes for an all natural antibacterial /antiviral that also leaves the air smelling fresh and clean.

[B]borax[/B] placed in inconspicuous (and safe) areas of kitchen counters will eliminate roach problems. borax rocks all around.

[B]diotomaceous earth[/B] can be used both in your yard and in your home to kill and prevent [B]fleas[/B]. make sure to get [B]food grade[/B], not the kind at the pool store, though, in case of ingestion secondary to contact occurs, either you or pets. it is safe to eat, actually has health benefits! for outside, place in an empty coffee can making small holes in the lid for a pseuo-shaker effect, and sprinkle throughout the yard. due to the flea’s life cycle, this isn’t an instant fix, but it’s worth the short wait to avoid using poison. in your home, use a similarly fashioned pseudo-shaker and mix with salt, borax, and baking soda. sprinkle all over carpets, upholstery, etc. after 24 hours, use a broom to embed the mixture in. don’t vacuum for a full 7 days. (most people hate that part, sorry!)

okay i’m totally babbling and some of this may have been addressed already, so i’m shutting up! wonderful thread, thanks to all!!!


Thanks for all the great info, Sean! :thumbsup:

ETA: Where can I buy the Heather’s products?


Not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not, but there is an organization called Catalog choicewhich allows you to opt out of catalogs you recieve. It isn’t an all out “junk mail opt out” but just catalogs. I never realized how many catalogs I recieved until I started adding them to my opt out list. Criminy! That’s a lot of paper I’m recycling each month (that I’d just as soon not get!) I just tried to add a new catalog to my list, but the server is acting up. So if you get a server error, try again later. It really is wonderful. They were talking about this on NPR a few weeks ago.