Environmentally Friendly Products


Well, we have several bags that remain in our car now and we use those instead of plastic shopping bags. We bought them from Ikea for like 65 cents a piece and they hold an ENORMOUS amount of stuff!

We do not buy the individually packaged products…you know, those single serving snacks? Instead, we buy the larger bag, and give our dd her snacks in reusable storage containers (tupperware). We also do not use sandwich bags or ziploc bags for any reason…we use our tupperware.

These are two ways to be ecologically respsonsible without spending more money. We also own just one car and I either walk to work or my dh drops me off on his way to work. Dd goes to preschool in the same building as his office, so that makes it easy.

We recycle aluminum cans religiously, although it’s very difficult to recycle anything else in our town. They have really made it a chore to do, so sometimes we get lazy and don’t.:gah:



Someone mentioned [B]Simple Green[/B] earlier in this thread, and I wanted to let everyone know, this stuff makes a terrific ant killer for kitchen counters and other sensitive areas. It kills them pretty much on contact.

I’ve also used [B]Avon’s Skin-So-Soft bath oil spray[/B] to kill ants. Plus, if you can find the area where the ants are actually coming inside, you can spray SSS right around that area, and that’s it for the ants – they won’t cross the stuff. It doesn’t take a lot of the product to be effective. I really love it for this use.


I’m not sure if anyone’s ever posted about this, but I found a pattern in Simple Knits with a Twist that uses pastic bags that you basically cut into long strips and tie the strips up together to use as “yarn” to make a tote bag. It looks pretty neat, and its a fun way to recycle and knit all in one!


a local product that is great, and can be bought online are Chico bags. They are wonderful, small, and reusable! I have them all over my car, attached to my purse, in the house, and use them for Christmas presents every year!


Hmph! I went to Target last night because I HAD to get laundry detergent. The only EF deterg they had was one for HE machines. :doh:(the name eludes me right now) Anyway I’ll go to Home Depot or somewhere else next time.


Sometimes High Efficiency detergent can go in both kinds of machines. In an HE machine it just takes less. I think the 7th generation liquid is like that. The opposspite is not generally true. We are still working on a big box of Arm and Hammer detergent that we had when we got the HE machine last October. I use 1 tsp full! too much and it will suds too much in the machine. Sometimes I add an extra rince to make sure all the detergent is getting rinsed from the machine.


Does anyone make environmentally safe sm trash bags? I am sick of putting the scoopable cat litter in a bag and knowing it’s not going to degrade for a million yrs…or whatever is. :doh:

I would like to be able to get them locally if possible… Trader Joes, Whole Foods, etc. Thanks!


I am totally planning on making my own once i get through this bottle that i already have. of course that doesn’t mean that when the time comes i won’t change my mind…lol.

I use Ecover fabric softener and LOVE it. The smell is delicious and the cost isn’t that out of line compared to regular brands. So I may very well abandon my dreams of making my own detergent but we’ll see :teehee:


Yeah! I made it sticky! :cheering:


I just bought 3 bento boxes for my girls lunches! :woohoo:


Thanks a bunch, Jan!!! :hug:


oooh i have to look at the name of the product i bought here a while back. I got mine at whole foods but they are available at target too. They have little lunch boxes, salad containers, breakfast containters, etc… and they have a freezer pack thingy that fits right in there to keep the food cold. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head right now but I will try to look when i get home. very cool! (uuh…literally :teehee:)


at my Summer job, an Ecology Summer Camp, we use something called [B]H2 Orange 2 [/B]it is an H2O2 and orange oil Product. You dillute it to 2 different strengths (Red and Green) and use it according to the severity of the staining Substance. It cleans very well on Biohazard, and needs very little Rinse-ing after it sets. It cleans up Finger Smudges, blood stains, Dirt, Food, Mold, Mildew, Various Bodily Secretions, and the like. That Company has a Great Degreasing agent whose name I do not know, but my Friend who worked in the Kitchen SWEARS its the best she has ever used (she also runs a Cleaning Buisness).
the best thing about it is, when its done its job, it leaves NO scent, not Orange, not Soap, not any (this is a good way to know if you missed some Vomit or Feces on a REALLY bad clean up job).

just my own Product Plug (and I buy mine from the distributor at camp, not a website)

My County has Mandatory Recycling with a “Pay-as-you-throw” program, recycling is free, but to throw away trash you have tobuy special Trash bags at $1 each, so we use less than one bag a week, Compost all food, and natural Fibers that cannot be reused. Box Board, Cardboard, Junk Mail, magazines, Various Plastics, and all cans (tin and steal get seperated by a magnet), Scrap metal and appliances have their own Bin, Milk cartons and Plastic Jugs, and glass is seperated by Color. A bit of work, and initail expense to make bins at home to make seperation at the Dump easier, but its well worth it after all.

Oh, BTW, Great Thread


most of this has been said already, but i’ll add to it:

my roommate uses a foldable nylon bag when she shops. It’s sort’ve like this
It folds up into a small pouch and then she keeps it in her purse and always has it with her. She’s in the process of sewing me and our friends some. It’s really sturdy and larger than the one i linked. (i found the one she uses at Claire’s on a clearance rack)

We live in a dorm, so it’s hard for us to compost, but the university has a garden with a compost pile off campus. We put all our compost stuff in the freezer until we can make it out to the garden to deposit it.

A really simple thing is to use all of the paper (write everywhere, print two sided) before you recycle it. I started doing this and was amazed at how much my paper use decreased.


sounds like the chico bag I mentioned in an earlier post! I have one that is clipped to my purse. On the plus side it makes a great knitting bag too!


I have a question about compact fluorescent bulbs- before I buy a bunch then find myself a crazy person… do they have the same sort of “hum” or “buzz” that the fluorescent tube lights have? do they have that same sort of “flicker”? (anyone know what I mean? maybe I am just crazy but I hate the overhead fluorescents that are in office buildings etc. when I have to sit in a room with one all day I’d rather sit in the dark.)

And, should I just replace bulbs as they burn out, or throw away the perfectly good working bulbs to replace them with new energy effecient ones?


I would replace them with CL bulbs as the others burn out myself.

As for noise and flicker… We have one right now (using up old bulbs) and it doesn’t seem to flicker or make noise.

My concern with CL bulbs is are they bright enough. The one we do have is not, but I know they have improved tremendously over the years.

One thing to note, Mary… they seem to be larger and can hit a lampshade if it’s close. You might buy a couple and see how it goes. Oh and read this -


Thanks Jan! and I’m glad to know about the size warning too- wouldn’t want to start a fire while trying to save energy!

I’m thinking of buying a few for lights we use a lot, like the hall, and the bathrooms, and see how it goes. the little one just doesn’t turn out the lights when she leaves a room… I know its a kid thing. I distinctly remember being told all the time to turn out the lights as a kid…


Does anyone know where to find compost bins?:??:think:

Sorry, I don’t really know of any environmental products, but http://www.thedailygreen.com has great tips for everyday living.


figaro, i :heart: laptoplunches.com. i never actually bought their lunchbox, but i [B]did[/B] stop using a paper bag everyday, and i’m eating nearly wasteless lunches everyday!:cheering: