Does this tutorial on Entrelac make sense to anybody?


that second and third block photo confuses me.


I have never tried entrelac, but I did save a link to a site with it seemed pretty clear instructions. Take a look at this site and see if it helps at all. Good Luck.

Wow, that looks far more complicated than the “garterlac” dishcloth I did. There are no tutorial pics, but I was able to follow the written directions here

I had the hardest time with Entrelac when I first tried it…they tell me I like to “think” to hard about new techniques or figure out the why…and sometimes you just gotta try it…this ended up true with Entrelac…once I decided to just go with it and trust the pattern I didn’t have any problems…My first pattern was the Danicafrom knitty…I didn’t read ahead like I always do…and I just did what the pattern said to do even though it made no sense to me :teehee: …after the first few blocks you will see how it works out…:happydance:

  	 			 		 		 		 		Does this tutorial on Entrelac make sense to anybody?

that second and third block photo confuses me.

That makes it a lot more complicated than it has to be. No wonder you thought it needs to be knit on dpns, it doesn’t. Use straights or circs. The Yarnpath page is a good one, here’s some more -


That tutorial you’re looking at is not ‘really’ entrelac- it’s turned from diagonal to straight. Which is fine, if that’s what you want! Just thought I would point it out in case you were expecting it to come out a different way. The directions do make sense to me, but maybe just because I’ve done entrelac before. I used the yarnpath tutorial that Plantgoddess posted, and it was easy once I jumped in and trusted the pattern. When you start it definitely doesn’t look like it’s going to come out right, but it does.

I was just now reading the garterlac pattern. Still fuzzy on the instructions.

Who is that good looking guy wearing the scarf>?? ha ha!
These instructions look easy to understand. Tomorrow I don’t work, so, I’ll try this out. Will that guy in the photo come over and hold my hand while I’m knitting?

When I looked at it, it looked like a lot of rectangles sewn tog.I’ll peruse yarnpath again. I must be a slow learner.

Thanks for all of ya’ll’s help.
Yes, I’m a southerner. :balloons:
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Yes it is. And I know that all y’all is the plural… :wink:

I probably shouldn’t have said ‘not really entrelac’- what I meant is- entrelac in a project like Danica has the rectangles at angles, so they’re more like diamonds. The tute you posted seems to have them straight, like a brick pattern or something, rather than at angles. Either way is fine, of course! I just wanted to point out the difference.

ha ha! that’s right!

Okey dokey.

I had the same issues a couple of weeks ago, I simply could not visualize the instructions into actual [U]knitting[/U] I posted on pattern help I think and some kind soul :muah: gave me this link

DH printed them out for me in color ( only the B&W laser printer will talk to me consistently :shrug: ) and I just followed it step by step. I pretty much have the pattern down but still need to refer to the instructions for the side triangles, hopefully after a few more repeats I will [B]have[/B] it.

I originally started working the “Danica” in SWS, I now have decided to make 2 small sections and turn them into a clutch type wristlet for my daughter. I have several scarves and I really want a cardigan type jacket instead. I have ordered another pattern and hopefully get to buy some more wool tomorrow. My SIL saw the sample and requested a scarf as a Christmas present next year, I am planning on using SWS in the white, gray, black with possibly an occasional square in red