Entrelac Technique

Is there a video on this technique? I have tried it and can’t get it, it says to turn after 2 stitches and that would mean stitching into the same 2 stitches wouldn’t it ??? :wall: How would you get the the end of you cast on stitches?? :??
Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :hug:

Sorry! I’ve never done entrelac, but I found a website that might shed some light on it for you till someone comes along that knows more.

Entrelac instructions

I did see this one and have bookmarked it. I would really like a video though so I can see step by step. I will keep looking, thanks a bunch!!! :hug:

While it’s not a video, this site might simplify it somewhat for you.

Thanks a bunch!! Will give it a try. :hug:

Tried again the other day and think I might be getting the hang of it other than my one side is rounded not straight like in the book so I think I am pulling my yarn too tight :wall: Will keep at it though til I get it.

I do entrelac, and as you make your sections, they’ll look long and out of shape. Don’t sweat it. When you work more squares, triangles, whatever, they’ll take their shape.

I couldn’t get Enterlac for the longest time… and finally I decided to just do what they said instead of reading to much into the instructions :rofl: it looked weird and out of shape so I just knew this wasn’t working either… but the further I went just looking at one row at a time and not ahead to start second guessing myself again… it all came together… I was in shock lol… I’d just keep going and going it should pull itsellf together :cheering: