Entrelac Sweater or Cardigan pattern

OK I will now go on record

:heart: [B]I love Entrelac[/B] :heart:

I just started a scarf but using a tutorial that somebody here pointed me to. While I still find it challenging ( I still need to refer to the pattern regularly ) it is a gorgeous stitching pattern. I am using SWS in Natural Earth and even with the small pattern repeats and narrow width it is lovely cloud9

So to really get myself into trouble :stuck_out_tongue: I would love to knit myself a loose sweater or Cardigan type jacket. Has anybody here found a good pattern for something like that ? I found one listed that takes NORO but I am not sure if the gauge is interchangeable, it is fairly close and I should be able to adjust with needle size. I would also like it somewhat scalable since I am of the Fluffy persuasion and require a 1X or 2X

A pattern with Noro should be close enough to SWS to work. It’s a bit heavier than Noro, so you could knit with larger needles in a smaller size to have it come out your size.

here’s one to buy

The new Knitscene has a sweater with an entrelac front and neck band. http://www.knitscene.com/issue/win07projects.asp and go way down to the bottom.

found some more

I ordered the Cardigan pattern now michaels just needs to have a really good sale on the SWS, LOL.
I loved the one sweater pattern that was knit all in one piece, it looked to have been designed for round needles, but alas I am menopausely challenged and live in the south and hated the idea of putting that much work into something I would only get to wear once or twice a year. The Cardigan I think will be more of a general little jacket for me.