Entrelac Shrug from Creative Knitting January 2011 problems

Ok I am posting this on behalf of my girlfriend whom is having some issues getting the sleeves started on this shrug. She has finished the back and it is flawless. Next step is to start the sleeves but shes not sure exactly how to start the first row. The directions are kind of vague only saying “slip sts from last unit created to other needle” does that mean the other side of the circular needle or onto the double point needles. She tried slipping the last unit over to the other side of the circular needle but the the yarn is on the wrong side of the unit. Any help on how to get the sleeves started would be great. If you need more info or anything just let me know. I have attatched photos of the project thus far and a photo of the part of the pattern in question. Thanks for all your help.

I [I]think[/I] there was a similar question at Ravelry a few days ago; it was either in the Everything Entrelac group or the main Patterns forum. Search on the name of it and you might be able to find it.

It seems like the idea is to continue the pattern of the back along the sleeves but to knit the sleeve in the round. Is passing the last unit worked just a way of beginning to knit in the round? From here on you do the sleeves on dpns? You’re right that the pattern does seem a bit vague on this part. I notice from the projects on Ravelry that the designer has been very helpful at answering questions and this might be a good one for her, Gwen Bortner.

(I’d love to know the final answer.)

I understand that you work the sleeves in the round on double pointed needles it just how to transition from the back to the sleeves. Everyone seems to have the same problem and the ones who claim to figure it out don’t explain how they fixed it.