Entrelac shawl

This is my contribution to the entrelac projects. I learned to do this a few weeks ago and I hope to have this finished in time to give it to my sister for Christmas. I’m using Nashua Vignette 100% handwash wool in color Earth. I’m on my 9th ball so far with one more to go and one ball to use for fringe. I’ve really enjoyed this technique and it’s not near as complicated as it looks.

Sweet! Can I be your sister?

It’s gorgeous, and the colours are just stunning. Way to go! :cheering: I’m still too chicken to try entrelac. :oops:

That came out very pretty! You did a great job! :happydance:

Be not afraid of entrelac. It is SO easy, it only looks hard!

And the shawl is gorgeous!

Thank you all. :hug: And, as Carmen says, it’s looks a lot harder than it is.

'Tis the season for entrelac projects, it seems. :teehee: That’s beautiful! The earthtones look great.

Entrelac is all the rage this week isn’t it? :teehee:

Your shawl is beautiful! I’m sure your sister will love it!




That looks fantastic. I love the colors.

marvelous! :cheering: :cheering: Great colors too!

where can I find the information to learn how to do entrelac


I took a class for 2 Saturday afternoons at my LYS. I’d tried doing it before from directions I’d found on the internet, but couldn’t seem to figure it out. Having someone show me what to do is the best way for me to learn new techniques.

Wow - that is gorgeous!!! :cheering:

I’m hoping my yarn comes on Thursday so I can start Lady Eleanor!!! I love the look of entrelac.

Very Pretty!!! Was that technique hard to do?

Sunny…the technigue is NOT hard, but at first it was confusing trying to figure out where to start after I’d put it down for a while. I had to put myself a sticky note on the shawl so I would know what to do. There’s a lot of turning back and forth, but it’s just knit and purl and picking up. Nothing really fancy to learn at all. Try it…you’ll be amazed how fast it goes.

Wow, just beautiful. I love those colors!

i love the colors – especially the green… it’s well on its way to perfect!