Entrelac, self taught or class?

I have been thoroughly intrigued by item done in entrelac, I have got to learn how to knit this pattern, every time I read a pattern I get more confuzzled :help: I simply can’t figure it out

for all of you that have used this mysterious pattern how did you learn ? from a pattern, self taught or did you take a class or workshop ?

I did a practice piece from a pattern. Had to frog it and start it over once or twice. Then once I got the hang of it, I made a purse.

Entrelac is not that hard.

Try this tutorial

I learned from a website. It’s not hard. It’s one of those things that you just have to DO, then you can see how it works. I even learned to knit backwards so I wouldn’t have to keep flipping the whole thing back and forth and ended up making a blanket.

I learned how by reading a pattern in the book: Scarf Style

I made the Lady Eleanor Shawl/scarf… it’s really easy to do- don’t be afraid.

I learned by following some online tutorials and patterns. It looks way harder than it is; it’s one of those things you just follow step by step and don’t overthink it.

:muah: Thanks Zkimom, that is very nice of you to post that tutorial…I’ll give it a try over the weekend!!

I learned how to do it using the Knitty pattern and just following the instructions. I started by doing it with SWS yarn so i didnt have to change colors so it was supah easy! It really is one of those things that looks SOOO much harder than it is, and it impresses the heck out of the people around you. :wink:

thank you all :muah:

I have bookmarked the tutorials
I will download the Danica from knitty
and buy myself some SWS :happydance:

I cheated a little and checked on Ravelry for entrelac projects and while I love the Lady Eleanor i think I better start with something smaller like the Danica. I fondled some SWS last time I was at Michaels but didn’t buy any because I didn’t have a project in mind. I hope they put it on sale soon :roflhard:

[FONT=Arial]I used this tutorial which has more pictures than the other one posted. It’s really easy once you start doing it, but reading the pattern is pretty confusing![/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][/SIZE][/FONT]

Because I never get tired of pimping my SWS Danicas, here’s a link to my slideshow. hover over one of the squares and it will expand it so you can see the full pic. The purple and green is Malabrigo but the rest are SWS.


Self-taught by making a couple of dishcloths: http://criminyjickets.blogspot.com/2006/07/garterlac-dishcloth.html

It seams really weird at first, but persevere - after several rows are complete it starts to look more like you think it should.

I really want to do some entralac socks soon.

A few years ago I took classes on it and made a tote bag. I never would have gotten it on my own.
The bad thing is it was so many years ago I don’t remember how to do it even when I try and read the directions now . I’m a “use it or lose it” kind of gal. I lost it since I haven’t done that stitch in years.

I started two Danica scarves, one with the SWS yarn, the other with some Bernat camouflage I had in my stash. That pattern requires increasing on the purl side (p f/b) which is easier if you know how to knit backwards. I then found another pattern which shows increasing on the knit side, so I started another scarf using the Bernat pink camo, and I think I like the knit increase better over the purl increase.

Pattern no 3: Knit increase, but instead of the p2tog for the purl decrease, it says to spp. I prefer p2tog, so I have now modified the 3rd pattern using p2tog on the purl decreases. Knit decreases will be ssk instead of skp (it produces the same effect).

In other words, pattern #2 is more or less what I’m using. But I like the way the 3rd pattern has you do the triangles on the end.

Here are the links to the 3 patterns. I’ll let you be the judge:




So now I’ve started a shawl with a combination of #2 & #3 using Bernat Satin Sport in the Meadow colorway.

Pat H in Carencro LA