Entrelac scarf!

For my second project of knitting I made a entrelac scarf for myself for the upcoming winter. It’s so nice and warm and I plan to show it to all my friends tomorrow at school, it’s took me about a week to finish but it was worth every second and all the frustration :slight_smile:

Wow! Good for you! It’s just beautiful!

I started once, but it about drove me mad with all that flipping around. :teehee:

It was totally worth it though :slight_smile: it came out great, and James said he wants to try it on… if he wants it though he doesn’t get it… it’s mine and soooo soft!

Wondeerful! This is your second project? You’re a natural at this knitting thing. Well done.

Wonderful job! It looks terrific!

Wow! You have projects just flying off your needles! You ARE sleeping, right? And going to school, yes? And doing your homework??

You do beautiful work! This scarf looks so nice and soft and puffy! I know you’ll get tons of compliments on it. Just beware: Everyone will want you to make them something! :wink:

james wants me to make him one

it is absolutely beautiful. 2nd project wow!

[B]Oh wow! [/B]I’ve always loved entrelac, but I’ve always failed at it! Yours looks so nice! Congrats!

You’re doing great. Keep up the good work. :heart:

He kept begging for mine so I gave it to him >.< sometimes…

LOL well that’s what you get for making such a beautiful scarf! And only your 2nd project??? Wow. Oh well, hopefully you still have good weather - you can whip up another one before you need it!

I want one… :slight_smile:

I’d make you one xD

Beautiful! That will be really great to have when it gets cold out.