Entrelac scarf and pink bottle bag

So this is what I’ve been up to while not around on the forum.

The scarf took me too long (dishclothes are better with this pattern). Then I did the bottle holder which was so refreshingly quick.

The scarf is made using 70% bamboo and 30% cotton blend yarn. Very heavy and not the easiest to knit with (lots of little threads) but is soft, smooth and silky.

The bottle bag is 100% acrilyc.

Very pretty! I might try that entralac in a few months.

It turned out beautiful though! I want to do one of these scarves using self striping sock yarn so it won’t be so heavy. Love the bottle holder too!

That’s beautiful, Tamar! :yay:

Entrelac…drool! Love it! Your work is impeccable!

The little bottle bag, cute!!!

Good work, your scarf turned out very nicely. It is nice to have a quick project to break up the slow slog to completion on bigger things. Re: the bottle warmer. Fun! :cheering:

They both turned out great! I really need to try enterlac at some point. :slight_smile:

[SIZE=3][COLOR=Purple][B]BRAVO![/B] :yay:
Well done!!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

Great work!:woohoo:

Thanks everyone!

[B][COLOR=red][COLOR=black]It’s[/COLOR] not [/COLOR][COLOR=black]a bottle warmer! :teehee: [/COLOR][/B]

In the summer when it gets really hot I like to carry ice cold water around with me everywhere I go. The problem is that the bottle sweats and drips inside my bag or onto my hands and clothes. So I’ve created this “patent” (not registered) which completely solves the problem. It can be put inside a bag with books and paperwork or it can be carried on it’s own instead of carrying the bottle in a nylon bag (which is ugly).

Ideal yarn is cotton - needle size around 5 mm (7/8).

May be somebody on this forum can think of a good name for it.

It has been a real “hit” amongst my friends and I can’t seem to be knitting them fast enough.

Your entrelac work is gorgeous, very even and the colors are wonderful! The bottle cozy is great and very practical, too.