Entrelac question

I am nearly finished with an entrelac afghan and am about out of yarn, which I cannot get more of. I had planned to use my remaining yarn for the last row which consists of half squares but I just finished a row going from right to left (on right side) and all the directions for the last row also go in this direction. I need directions for going the other way for the last row, if this can be done. If not, can anyone give me directions on how to rip out a row of entrelac blocks? I’ve never been good at ripping out knitting. Thanks!!

Entrelac is easy to rip out, each block is separate so you can put the stitches back on the needles more easily.

If you have enough yarn to finish off the last row of triangles, it can be done similar to the first row of rectangles that goes left to right but k2tog or p2tog at the outer edge.This will make the triangles for the last row. You may have to play around with it and you may find that it’ll be easier to just take out that last row of rectangles.