Entrelac Question

Hi all,

I am working on an Entrelac blanket as found on this website ([U][COLOR=#000000]http://www.nikkiinstitches.com/entrelac-knit-baby-blanket/[/COLOR][/U]). I have doubled the stitches cast on from 110 to 220 because I wanted it to be more of an afghan size. So instead of having 11 groups of 10 that are interweaving, I have 22 groups of 10.

I have knit the first Triangle Row A in one color, and I am doing the Row A in a second color. Everything is going great on it until I get to the end. I have gone through the part where you pick up 10 stitches down the side edges of the next triangle. I’ve turned, P10, turn, K9, sl1, k1, psso 10 times. I did not turn and repeated 19 times.

So at this point I have 10 stitches in the first color on the left needle from the Triangle Row A below (basically the first triangle I created using the Triangle Row instructions). There is a gap where I would normally pick up and knit 10 stitches from the side of a triangle, so I did that as I presume I will need to close the gap that way. Here is where I’m getting confused, and here is a picture of where I’m at:

IMG_20110821_111139 by kasmith1017, on Flickr

So I picked up the ten stitches from the edge of the next triangle. Those are the light stitches on the right needle. And on the left needle in the dark stitches are the stitches from the first triangle from Triangle Row A. At first I was thinking that I would follow the next set of instructions - I have the 10 stitches I’ve picked up, then I would Turn, p2tog, p8, turn, k9, turn, p2tog, etc. But in doing that I had the 10 dark stitches on the left needle from the Triangle, and then one stitch in the light color.

This doesn’t seem right? The next instructions are for the Row B and say to pick up and purl 9 stitches down the side edge of the first triangle. I’m so confused!

I may not be understanding exactly where you are in Row A. It looks like another one of the Row A rectangles which should be the same as the one on the right in your picture. Your working yarn is at the point where the needles in the picture cross so you should turn, p10, turn, k9, sl1, k1, psso and then repeat that until you’re used up all of the dark color sts. Then you repeat for each base triangle til you get to the last one. There are separate directions for dealing with the edge triangles.

I am approaching the Edge Triangle. So the bottom row where I’ve made the triangles is my darker color, and then I started Row A with the lighter color. At first I was thinking that I hadn’t repeated enough times to make the rectangular blocks that come off of the triangular edges, so I did that and here is where I’m at:

IMG_20110821_122537 by kasmith1017, on Flickr

So I tried to orient it so you could see where the bottom row of the afghan is. The dark purple should be the bottom, and where the light working yarn is attached is where I just came across. This would seem like it should be the left edge of the blanket. But I’m having trouble seeing what to do next.

OK, now you’re up to the directions for the side edge of the last triangle. (You’re actually going to be making another small triangle to fill in the side edge before you start back across Row B.)
Pick up and knit 10sts down the side of the last triangle, turn, p2tog, p8, turn, k9, turn, p2tog, p7 and so on. These are the last directions at the end of the Row A paragraph.
I love the colors you’ve chosen.

Thank you so much for the help and color compliments. I’m actually adding in a third color. I presume when I start Row B that is where I’ll add the third?

Yes, row B will be slanting back in the opposite direction and that should be the 3rd color. Good luck with the afghan! It would be lovely to see a picture of the finished project.