Entrelac newbie lost on row 2

I have been trying to learn this for years and today of
all days, I decided to sit down and make myself learn it! I have been at it since about 9am and am finally getting somewhere after frogging about 30 times in between house work. lol Thanks to this link:
but i am not sure exactly how to start pass 2. Is the purl row facing me or the knit row?
Am Imaking the increases at the very beginning of the row or the ends?
I don’t know how to do an increase in knitting but that is my next stop.
Thanks in advance.

i know entrelac is confusing the first time around but once you see this second pass work on the needles, I think it will be much clearer. You want the knit side to be facing you. The knit side will always be the front or public side of the piece. Then that makes the kfb (knit front and back) at the beginning fo the row.
This first side triangle is a little unusual as the website says but from there on, you’re knitting little rectangles again. If you need to see the increase called for here, the kfb, look at the Free Videos tab at the top of the page under Increases. Come back if you still need advice.

ok, I just finished my first half square and I am already thinking about making a hat for each of my girls just to get some practice! lol
My brain is moving to fast now and I can’t stop it!

this is what I have so far. Is it right?

Perfect! It looks like a textbook entrelac. It really is a lovely technique and you’ve accomplished it.

So now I am ready to end it but I am not doing something right! For one thing I am not good at changing stitches in mid row as the instructions state. On the last pass what exactly does it mean when it says continue this way until you k2.
Is that just working with the new color or does that also include the joining stitches?
Also, on this row, I am a stitch short so I frogged it for tonite and maybe if i sleep on it, it will come to me.

I wasn’t sure what it meant either when I first read it (I decided to actually attempt it from seeing your post…) Anyway every other row your decreasing a stitch. So on the side where your only knitting you K7, K6, K5…Finally you will get to where you K2. Then when you turn (after K2) you will P1, P2tog… Hope I explained it okay. Good luck!

You’re not really changing sts in mid row, only when you turn and work on the back. Then you’ll be changing from knit to purl sts as you have been all along. For the last pass of entrelac, you need to do triangles which are similar to the triangles that start the project. You need to decrease at the beginning of the purl side on each purl row, purl the last st, join to the picked up sts with a p2tog and then turn and knit. Each knit row becomes shorter by one st as Evapche says, until you’re left with k2. You’re working with the new color (which is used tp pick up the joining sts).

Ok, I am off work now attempting to try this one more time. I will try to explain as best I can without confusing you to, I hope!
So I am working my first triangle of the last row, I decreased on each end of the purl side rows until there were 4 stitches left
I then turned and knitted those two stitches.
Now here is where I am lost:
I turn and then p1,p2tog,turn
now the next set of instructions say to k3 but after turning after that last p2tog
I have 2 stitches on my left needle and 1 stitch on my right needle.
Where am I going wrong?

finally got the picture to upload. Sorry it is a little on the dark side.

Writing it out I come to the same sts that you have. I would k2, turn, p3tog and then with one st on the needle, begin the next triangle.