Entrelac mistake...What did I do?!


I am taking a stab at entrelac (pun intended) and have made a mistake I don’t know how to identify, let alone fix.

On the first left-leaning rectangle, the first row where I picked up stitches looks like garter stitch. The remaining rows are stockinette. What did I do wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Oops. How did I get this under casting on heading?!! I’ll try again.

To start the second tier you would pick up the sts as if to purl with the WS facing you. Sounds like you did them knitwise.

You want to pick up from the right side, purl across the wrong side, knit across the right side to the last 2sts, ssk and turn to the purl side and so on. Sounds like you may be knitting (or purling) on both sides.
This is part of a tutorial that may help with the left-leaning tier and entrelac in general.
It’s lots of fun, a bit of a challenge at first and very pretty when you’re done. Good luck!