Entrelac Knitting Stitch

Hey Everyone!! I have not been on here in a while I will put some new pictures up soon! But i have a question. Is Entrelac Knitting done on DP needles?..i cant see this being done on straights. I also see i can do this on circular needles? It is my newest stich to learn! I CANT WAIT!!:woot::happydance:

Entrelac is done on straights or circs used as straights. No dpns needed.

It’s a back-and-forth knitting pattern, only working one box at a time, basically.

And you need longer needles because the stitches you’ve done are held on them until you need to use them again.

Entrelac is done on straight or circular (depending on how many stitches you are casting on).

Here is a couple of tutorial websites that I found helpful when I started entrelac knitting.


It was hard to understand what I was doing until I saw pictures.
You need to go from the point of the triangle back to start the base of the next triangle.

Good luck.