Entrelac - knitting backwards?

About to start an entrelac project… how do you knit backwards? or is this just a myth?!!

And does it actually help for entrelac?

I just about skipped reading your thread because I have never done entrelac, but I do know the answer to at least part of your question.

No, knitting backwards is not a myth. Here is a site that explains it very well. I use it sometimes when doing short rows. If you need to do a lot of turning and knitting the other way in entrelac, it could be useful.

Here are instructions from Knitty
I haven’t tried it yet.

:happydance: It does…it makes it go a lot faster…you don’t have to keep stopping to turn your work…I use when I knit Heel flaps to instead of turning to purl…I just knit backwards :thumbsup:

I learned it for an entrelac blanket–I couldn’t imagine turning that whole thing over and over.:thumbsup:

I also learned it for entrelac. It’s wonderful. I recently used it on an afghan I was making in stockinette. It was so nice not to have to turn the blanket at the end of each row…especially when it got bigger and heavier. Love that technique!!:woohoo:

I knit backwards a few stitches on the entrelac scarf I made, but it wasn’t that big a deal to me to turn. I also use it sometimes if I make a goof in a row and have to go back to fix it.

Thanks for posting this help on knitting backwards. I was just at my LYS yesterday and bought some Kuro to make an entrelac scarf. The shop manager, quickly showed me how to knit backwards, telling me it’s very handy to know how. But I managed to forgot what she showed me later that night when I went to practice it. So this was a BOON to me to find it here. I have just done 14 rows knitting backwards.


does anyone have any entrelac tutorial videos, i found some yarn that i decided would look great in an entrelac hat but i have no idea how to do entrelac, ive seen pictures, but they dont show everything

These are two that I have that seem to do a decent job of explaining.


Thanks for posting this topic. Now I really want to try it too! Thanks for the links, everyone!

Glad people found this thread useful… :slight_smile: Having been VERY good and finished off my last WIP (overdue christmas pressie) I am now itching to try this knitting backwards malarky!!

YaY!! :smiley:

I tackled entrelac, and am now knitting backwards, if not a little clumsily!!

Just a question though - can you do the knitting backwards if you are mixing knit and purl on the same row?