Entrelac KAL!

Okay so I have never done entrelac but i seen a FO of a blanket on Ravelry and fell in love with it. I started making an afghan a couple of days ago and i was wondering if anyone is interested in joining me for a KAL. you can make anything you want in entrelac, not necessarily a blanket. here’s the tutorial i am using and it is WONDERFUL!!!


I will try to post pictures soon of my progress. I am using Caron One Pound in colors white and a rosy color (cant remember the exact name now and its upstairs and i dont feel like getting it lol ). I’m on the 4th row now which basically means i have 1 row of half squares and i’m working on the 3rd row of full entrelac now. and its SO easy!!!

and i forget to add that the tutorial has a link on how to knit backwards which i just learned and its so cool and fast!!!

So, how is your afghan doing? I was thinking of making a entrelac patterned afghan also, out of Noro.
But the first row is very confusing, can I ask how many stitches did you cast on and how big will the finished afghan be.

hi mare, my afghan is going great!!! i love how it is turning out. i cast on 160 sts and each square is 8 so i’m making 20 squares. i have no idea how big it will be. i’m too lazy to take it out and put it on waste yarn to see the actual width (crazy i know!) at first i thought it was so confusing when i was reading the pattern but once you actually start it, you start to see how it goes together. but once you get the hang of it, its really simple! the tutorial i used is EXCELLENT. I dont think i could have gotten it right without it. I have been pretty busy all week to take a pic but i will try my best to take one tomorrow and post it so you can see my progress.

Look forward to seeing some pics.

well i just took these pics but the color is really off. its not red its rose. but here goes nothin.

Oh wow, it looks nice.

hi mare thanks. my daughter loves it. i try to work on it every evening so its going along pretty nicely.

I’m casting on for one now. I’m going to try that tutorial, because I want to learn how to knit backwards. I have an entrelac blanket on needles right now, but can’t knit backwards, because every other row on the squares is a mistake rib pattern rather than straight stockinette.

So, with casting on 160, approximately how long is the blanket? I want to make this for a baby, so I don’t want it too big.

well it depends on the yarn/needle size you are going to use but the 160 sts is pretty wide. i wanted it big for my daughters bed. for a baby i would suggest 80-100 sts again depending on yarn/needle size. i would love to see pics of the one you are working on now :slight_smile:

This is the one I have OTN now. It’s much bigger than this at the moment, the picture was taken early into the blanket. The camera is packed in the hospital bag right now, so I can’t get a more recent picture. I think I cast on 90, each block is 10 with 9 blocks going along the bottom. For the one I’m going to start right now, I believe I’ll CO 112, doing 8 stitch blocks, should give me 14 blocks width.

This will give me something to keep my mind off of the c-section I’m going in for tomorrow.

edit would help if I added the picture…

Okay, when you do your alternating colors, do you break the yarn or carry it up to the next row? I’m debating since I’m going to be using 3 different colors…

thats really pretty! i do break the yarn at the end of each row. i dont know how to carry it up along the side lol. and from someone who has had a C-Section please dont be too scared about it. the most important thing for you to do after your surgery is to take care of yourself and take it easy. its a pretty quick surgery about 45 min only and you will be awake. but as long as you take it easy you should be fine. i wish you all the luck and please let me know if you need anything!

Yep, my last baby was a c-section. Silly little boy refused to turn around…and I wasn’t about to deliver a butt first child.

I’ve got 2 triangles on the foundation row going so far. I figure I’ll get the triangles out of the way before attempting to learn backwards knitting.

As for the other blanket. I really don’t like it…and how can you knit something you hate? The reason I don’t like it? The color changes in the yarn are too short. They hide the pattern in the entrelac and it just looks messy to me. I’ll probably finish it, I’m more than halfway done, but for now, it’s been put on hold.

well i guess you had your baby now so CONGRATS!!! I hope you are both doing great. I haven’t been working on my afghan much because I am trying to finish this other crochet afghan for my cousins daughters b-day coming up. But maybe I will pick it up and work on it this weekend. I have 10 rows done so far from the entrelac.

Thanks! I took the blanket to the hospital with me, but didn’t get to work on it at all. I’ve not been able to knit since we came home. I’m always either sleeping or nursing :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome back. your baby is very adorable!!! it makes me want to have another one hehehehhehe. I actually worked a little bit on the blanket on sunday so i was happy about that. i’m almost done with the afghan i’m working on now so as soon as i’m done i’ll be working on this blanket a couple of times a week i hope!

I love your entrelac! I’ve never tried it, but after seeing your gorgeous blankets, I can’t wait to try!!
Is it terribly hard?

hi staci, its actually not hard at all if you know how to knit and purl and pick up stitches! I had always put it off because i thought it was so hard but trust me, its very easy. Just use that tutorial and you will be good to go! I will gladly help if you need it. Dont be afraid to ask any question you might have. good luck and please let us know what you decide to do!

I love that blanket with the multi-colored yarn! SOO Pretty!