Entrelac - Is there a free video on this!

I desperately want to learn how to do entrelac knitting. I did a few blocks then I got stuck and can’t go any further so I took it apart. I do have instructions but I am more of a visual learner. Does anyone have any clear instructions on how to do this. I am presently using the one that is on line and the only one on line but it’s just not helping me. Any help would be appreciated.

Mary :thinking:

I wanted to do this sooo bad and my LYS was not having any classes… I was suppose to catch up with one of my mom’s friend over the phone for help but we never did… I went into WV this past week and tried the scarf off knitty to see if I could… if I got stuck mom’s friend would be down our way on Sat. and would help me… my mom was looking through my Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Knitting book and she said did you see this diagram? I was like yeah but… she said no look she basically re-drew the diagram out for me and pointed to the picture in their of the scarf and showed me the directions (and my mom is not a knitter I was teaching her while I was in how to do bed socks and till Ps from Ks) but where she quilts she got it she said its like quilting :?? … anyways it clicked after that… if you have this book or can get it from the library the diagram may help you see the direction of the knitting…

Ladies, I did take classes at my LYS and did a felted Entrelac bag. BUT now I want to make the same scarf that is in Donna Koolers’ book but after I make the first three triangles like she says…I am lost!! :frowning: That is NOT how I started my bag so I have NO idea what to do next.

But I can go to my LYS for help and I may do that if I really want to make that scarf.

I hope we all get get help in making Entrelac anything!! :XX: :XX:

I know you said you are a visual learner, but I used this pattern from knitty to learn entrelac and it was really easy. I think it is a great way to try and start learning the basic concepts.

I’m still a visual learner and Celine was following her book and she stated that she was lost after the third row. I think I’m going to try my best to figure it out somehow. I think the best way to do this would be to make sure I tag each block like the picture shown on the internet and I might just get it. I would be nice if they had some kind of “video” on the internet that we could follow…Mary

The thing that is messing me up with the difference between knitting the bag I made and that scarf is the scarf when starting with the first three triangles…you still have them all attatched to the needle at the bottom of the triangle.

Where as the bag, I started the top of the bag with circular needles with a few rows of knitting then worked my way up to the triangles. They were not connected at the point and bending down like they are with the scarf directions.

I’m at a “loss” as to getting that one needle off those three beginning scarf triangles and continue knitting with the other ONE needle. Last I knew it took two needles to knit!! lol It seems like those triangles are stuck there on that first needle. Thats where I just don’t “get it”.

It’s probably very simple but its beyond me at the moment. :crying:

ok I have my book out lol now I must say I’m doing the scarf off knitty that was posted and its my first Enterlac project but maybe we can figure it out…

You have the first base triangles complete?
If so then you with the purl side facing you will do a purlwise increase the P2tog… you know have 3 sts on your right hand needle
You then will turn (so that the 3sts on the right needle are now in your left hand) and knit these 3sts…
Turn your work again and do purlwise increase, P1, P2tog now 4sts on right hand needle…
Turn your work and knit those 4sts…
You continue this manner 10 purled sts on your right hand needle…

With those 10sts on your right hand needle you will pick up Purl 10sts (inserting needle from knit side to purl side) you are going down the base of that first triangle…

did that make any sense? LOL you will have sts on both needles most of the time while working this… its basically short rows and then picking up sts down the sides… at first I was like ok what? but I just stuck right with the inst. didn’t back off just kept going and then I could see the pattern… I Hope this helps some… :smiley:

dustinac, I will get my book out and my yarn and needles this weekend and see if I can follow it with your directions. :XX: :XX: Your sweet! Thank you :smiley:

:thumbsup: thank you… I hope it works for ya!! :smiley:

I want to make an entrelac blanket/throw/afghan. But all the entrelac patterns I’ve seen have me making the blanket in sections, and then sewing it together. Is there a reason why I can just do it entrelac all the way across?