Entrelac-How do I Turn?

:shrug: I am doing a practice piece on entrelac and I want to see if I understand the turn part. Does that mean I just move the needle from my right hand to my left and vice versa, or is something more involved?

Anytime a pattern says ‘turn’, it just means that you turn your work around as though you were at the end of a row, even if there are stitches remaining unworked. Hope that helps.

ok, next question about entrelac (sp, i know)

do the sides get attached?

I have read a few different patterns (but not done any yet) and I cannot wrap my brain around how the scarf stays together

TIA for anyone who can answer this


You do the triangles at the bottom, then a triangle on the first edge, pick up stitches for the blocks, then another triangle at the other edge. Just follow the tutorials or the patterns and do exactly what they say. It all comes together and it’s better to follow the pattern with your yarn and needles instead of trying to visualize it in your head. :wink: