Entrelac help

I’ve picked up this shawl that I started months ago and put away for a while, now I can’t figure out where I need to start back. I had written a note on the pattern to “start K9”. Here’s the part of the pattern I’m working on:
[U]Second Rectangle Row[/U]: [B]First Rectangle[/B]: Turn work. Working with WS facing, sl st from final triangle of last row to RH needle. Then PU and purl 8 more stitches along side edge of first triangel. Turn and K9. *Turn and p8, p2 together. Turn and K9. Turn and rep from * until all stitches of rectangle have been used.
Do not turn. [B]Second Rectangle[/B]: PU and P9 sts along side edge of next rectangle. Turn and K9. (I [U]think[/U] this is where I am now.)Turn and work as for previous rectangle from *. Work next two rectangles the same way.
Can anyone figure this out?? Please? This is what it looks like at this point.

It looks to me like you’re doing the right-leaning rectangles, and you’ve done two of them. The two rectangles that are on your left needle are already done- you need to move one more to the right and do another right-leaning rectangle. Pick up the stitches along the side of that brown and black left-leaning rectangle that your right needle tip is laying on.

I could be wrong- does that seem right to you?

Yep, turn your work around and pick up the stitches down the side. :thumbsup:

Now that I’m looking at it, it [U]does[/U] look like that’s what I should do. It’s been such a long time since I worked on this, I can’t really remember how it’s done. I’ll try that and see if it comes back to me.
Thanks Abbily. Thanks, Jan, also. I’ve only got one more rectangle row to go and and the finishing row and I’ll be through…wish me luck.


Good luck! :slight_smile: Once you get back into it, it will probably come back to you. You’ve done a great job so far!