Entrelac help please

Ok, I’m doing my first entrelac and so far no problems. I am on the set up row and just got finished with my first triangle…here is where I am:

“You must have 20 sts for the first triange when you reach marker (I DID). Remove marker and work one more RS row…sl1 wys, work in seed, p2t at end of row (21 sts), TURN.” Since it’s saying turn am I supposed to work another WS row and then another RS row to get to the next triangle? I don’t think so since it doesn’t say that anywhere. It doesn’t seem like i should turn here…the next triangle starts on the RS row. The set up row for next triangle is as follows: “” (RS) sl1 wyb, m1 (2 sts for the second triangle, 20 sts left for teh first triangle) turn."

Ok, so I take it the first stitch of the second triangle is the last stitch of the first. Am I supposed to take the last st of the 1st triangle where I just did p2t and count it as the first slipped st? That doesn’t really make sense either.

Please help!

Do you have a link to the pattern?


It’s not online…the instructions for that section as exactly as I said here. You can see a picture here if you think that will help:

I have no idea on the answer - but that shawl is just stunning!

Well…I’m pretty sure I’m just an idiot :doh: I belive I was thinking of the WS as the RS…makes it lots more confusing than it is!

Boy when you try something new, you just dive right in! That is a heck of an entrelac pattern!

You’re a girl after my own heart!