Entrelac hat

It was pretty easy.I did it in the round.Just a practice piece.Want to do purse and sweater next.Makes a nice blender cover if it was a different color :roflhard:


WOW! That looks amazing!!

Hmmm…I can visualize that in orange and blue (Auburn colors, of course).

Nice job!

Looks Great! :thumbsup:

:notworthy: :muah: :cheering: :notworthy: That looks great!! Love the pattern.

Fabulous job!!!

Wow, that looks awesome!

:woohoo: That is AWESOME! :happydance:


that looks really great!!

how do you do the decreases?
I would LOVE to make that


:cheering: I love it :cheering:

I agree! And are those hand knit clogs I see in the bottom of the first picture? :teehee:

Ecb asked—how do you do the decreases?
I would LOVE to make that

Simple when you get to the last row k 2 tog and you end up with 1 less stitch

Thanks everyone for the compliments :hug:

Awesome! Where’s the picture of it on the blender? :shrug:

It’s the pics with the cords,Its just the base of the blender :roflhard:

a plug in hat - just what iv always wanted :happydance:
im gonna have to try some entralac - its a great effect

Nice! That’s a great looking hat. :slight_smile:

That is so cool ~ it could also pass a funky lamp shade cover~!! :eyebrow:

Awesome !! :cheering: