Entrelac hat pattern

Could anyone please provide a reliable (and free) entrelac hat pattern? I’ve been searching online and only found berets and loose entrelac caps.

My head’s average sized, so any pattern would be fine.

Thanks :hug:

What type of hat are you looking for, other than berets and loose entrelac caps?

Well, reliable implies that I probably know it works, but I haven’t made one so I can’t be sure of anything. You’re right though, most of them are berets. I did find one that is only available on Ravelry and here’s the other one.

Oh maybe this one, too.

I’ll be starting this one in a few days, after I finish the entrelac baby blanket. It’s sized for a baby, not sure how difficult it would be to adult it up.

That one mentions a couple different ways to make it larger, chiefly heavier yarn and bigger needles, or using more triangles or more stitches for the triangles.

I have this one saved, the other hat patterns are for a beret and and tam, so can’t help you there.

I did find another, it’s more of a 'recipe’ for a close fitting one. It doesn’t have much ribbing which you could make longer, looks pretty nice though.

I’ll make this one.

The “recipe” one looks amazing, but I don’t know enough about entrelac to knit with that type of pattern.

That’s a nice one. I think it’s similar to the ‘recipe’ hat, but with everything detailed out.