Entrelac-Can you not make the triangles?

For entrelac could you just start making squares and leave out the side triangles to get a zigzag edge?
it’s a random idea I had to try out entrelac (what do you mean try it the easy/normal way first? what’d be the fun in that?) to make a blanket. I’ve uploaded a Picture to try to explain what i mean more clearly.
And could you do entrelac in the round. I can’t think of any reason you couldn’t, but… :think: :?? :think:
Yeah, I’ve got entrelac on the brain. It looks like It’d be fun and a good way to stashbust.

Sure, you can do entralac in the round. Here’s an example:

and no reasaon you can’t leave off the side and top/bottom tirangles, either.

There’s a couple patterns I’ve seen like that, though I can’t remember how they’re done. There’s also faux entrelac as in this blanket - http://www.cu-needleworks.com/Patterns/Kids/Faux_entrelac_baby_blanket/faux_entrelac_baby_blanket.pdf
although that uses a single color.
Here’s another picture - http://www.woolymonmouth.com/projects/2008/8
There’s also a pattern called Argosy that can be knit as a shawl, scarf or blanket. http://inahappycamper.eponym.com/blog/_WebPages/FreePatterns.html It uses YOs and purl sts, but could be done in stockinette or garter stitch without them.