Entrelac baby blanket binding opinions

I’m making an entrelac baby blanket (example) and am thinking instead of doing a satiny binding all the way around I’d do little tags of satiny binding all the way around. I know when my oldest boy was little he LOVED the tag on a particular receiving blanket. I sewed it back on till the blanket was too threadbare to hold the tag anymore. So, I thought I’d make tags similar in colour to those in my blanket, the same width as the rectangles of colour, all the way around.

Or if my neighbor continues to refuse to return my sewing machine :pout: the same idea but with pieces of polar fleece for the tabs as they won’t require having their edges sewn.

Anyone ever try this?

It is a great idea! Your boy wasn’t the only one who loved the tags on his blankie. In fact, there is a brand of baby blanket called taggies and they do that very thing.


Oh, ffs, I had no idea. LOL ty

It’s a great idea. If you’re going to line the blanket, you can incorporate the tags at the same time as you stitch the blanket to the lining. I’ve seen them done with ribbon which also won’t require finishing the edges of the tags.

Whoa… your neighbor won’t return your sewing machine?? :??

I’m not sure what you mean by tags…the actual tag or something to do with the binding?

Love the look of tags on a blanket edging…great idea!

Could you bake your neighbour some cookies or somethin’ and say: “trade you for my sewing machine!” hehe.

I know exactly what you are talking about! A girlfriend of mine from High School has a home crafting business where she makes baby items/gifts. She makes a type of blanket she calls “ribbon lovies”, which are small baby blankets with ribbon tags all around the edges. You can see some examples at her website: Baby-Bug Boutique.

She’s also working on a project right now to sew and fill 20 diaper bags for the victims of the tornado in Joplin, Missouri. I think she is still looking for donations of/for baby items, fabric, and other sewing notions. There’s info on her blog and the Baby-bug boutique facebook page. </end shameless plugging of friends>.

It sounds intriguing. I can see where babies would be fascinated with it. The website doesn’t give me a lot of information. Are these taggies like decorated ribbons that you individually sew around the edge of the blanket? Do they come on like a long piece of tape that you would sew around the edge?

Oh, I think I see now. They’re selling the blankets and toys with the ribbons presewn on. I think you’re talking about a do it yourself project. Do you know where I could buy silk fabric tags with cute little designs like that?

I believe my friend Jessica just uses different silk ribbons that she buys at fabric/craft stores, folds them in half and sews them in between the top and botton layers of the banket.