Entrelac advice needed

Okay, Y’all. I’m down here in Atlanta where it’s, as we speak, 99 degrees F. Brutual.

So, that out of the way, I have jumped into working entrelac. I found 3 different sets of instructions, all are similiar. Trouble is, even tho I start the work, by the time I am at the 12th row and following the directions (I think), doesn’t look anything like that neato drawing or photo in the instrutions with 4 “triangles” hanging off the needle. It’s a looooooooong triangle. Not sure what’s happenin’.

I consider myself an intermediate knitter but this puppy is driving me buggy and I’m not giving up … need a video to watch like Amy has on the site … need enlightenment to get over that hump of whatever it is I need to make correct … and to keep going and make a neato scarf for the “significant other unit”. He’s drooling over the prospect of having a cooler scarf than anyone else …

(He has really cool sweaters … what more can he want?? chuckle chuckle)

… the knittin’ entomologist …

They don’t really look like neat little triangles on the needle. More like little flags. Once you pick up and knit down the edges, then they’ll form the triangles that are in the first row of the entrelac. Keep going.

If you google ‘entrelac tutorial’ you should get some sites with pics, but I’m not sure about video.

After the first triangle is completed, you start picking up sts from the cast on and make another, then another. Then you’ll the `triangles’ but they’ll be kind of squished up. Try these tutorials with pictures…

There’s another one or two that have pictures as you work on each section, but I don’t happen to have links.

might 'posed to look like flag but mine is one loooooong not multiple. I’ll give your suggestion a try. thanks

Which pattern are you using? Maybe we can figure out what went wrong if we can follow along with you.

Two years ago I took classes to learn how to do Entraclac on a felted bag. It came out great. But I sure don’t remember how I did it now!! :wall: For me it’s a “use it or lose it” thing. If I ever relearn how to knit it again I’ll HAVE to knit it a few times a year so the “how to” sticks with me. I do the same thing on knitting socks. I have to knit a pair every six months so it sticks with me.:shrug: