I want to learn enterlac SOOO bad but I just cant seem to get it. Tried utube tutorials, tried patterns. Does anyone know of a SIMPLIFED free printable set of instructions that arent confusing and REALLY break it down? Maybe with pictures also? Ive been knitting for years so I know all the sticthes involved. I just cant quite get it for some reason, and it seems like each time I try, the instructions are different.

Here’s some tutorials in both text and video. I think the first one is the best.


The knittyotter link in Jan’s post is pretty good, I’ve never seen the others. Here’s a couple other good ones -


What isn’t that you don’t get? You can ask for help here at the part you get stuck on.

Thank u both so much! Im sure ill b back to ask a ? When I get stuck.

I love entrelac it’s really pretty. Just be careful not to make your project too big. I once started a baby blanket. Got about 20 rows and it was going sooo slow I then did the math. Each row came to close to 2000 sts. Ended up bagging it unfinished without the heart to frog it or finish it. Could probably fold it over, seam the edges, line it, and make some sort of bag out of it.