Enter the Great KnittingHelp.com Twitter Contest

Hey Everyone,

We’re holding a contest and giving away some great prizes, including an colored Denise interchangeable knitting needle kit. You can learn how to enter in here:


Hope everyone is having a wonder new year!


Hmm, not a single reply. I guess we don’t have many twitter user’s on the forum. :mrgreen:

I entered!

Hooray!!! :cheering:

I’m not a twitterer so it’s not for me, but good luck!

I’m just about to blog it. :slight_smile: I’m not a Denise fan, though, so I’m not entering – don’t want to possibly win the thing when someone who would love them would be much more delighted to get them!

I saw your announcement on Facebook and was bummed to see it was limited to Twitter users (of which I am not one) :frowning: . But what a fun contest for those who do Twitter. Good luck everyone!


Me too…can’t see joining the “twitter craze”;:wall:
Good luck all

Yeah, I refuse to Twitter and am trying to wean myself out of Facebook, too. Is there a patch for that???

We’ve been using Twitter and Facebook more and more to help connect with the extended knitting community. So it seemed natural to offer a contest via Twitter. It enables the buzz to reach further than just KH, and helps educate people that this site exists. If you don’t use twitter currently, you can still participate by creating an account. The barriers to entry are low.

I admit I didn’t find much value in Twitter when I first signed up. It took a while of using before it just clicked. I now find it’s a great resource for casting around for ideas and connecting with people who are in a similar professional or craft. Like anything it has the potential to be productivity killer. I can do Twitter, but I can’t handle Facebook.

So far we have about 350 entries for the contest. Word spreads quick in the Twitterverse! :mrgreen:

We are doing the Denise needles because it’s the kit we used to sell. We are sponsoring the contest from our online shop inventory. But we may try to get sponsors for future contests and who knows, maybe we’ll offer some other interchangeable needle kits. :happydance:

Thanks for blogging about the contest and helping to get the word out there.

WOW…that’s a great response! I expect we’ll see a lot more introductions here soon:teehee:

And there’s still a little more than 6 days left. The contest so far has exceeded our expectations.

If we can figure a way to do a similar thing on Facebook, we may hold another on there. So far, this has been a lot of fun for me to organize.

I entered yesterday too! Looks like a fun contest. I saw it on Facebook by the way…

I just entered :slight_smile:

I ‘think’ I entered? I’m a horrible twitter user lol… so hopefully I did it correctly.

I entered!!

I entered! As a teen knitter who is rather low on cash, it would be really nice if I won something.

OK, I got sucked in and entered too!

Wouldn’t mind one of the silk bags for the runners up prizes!

Thanks for entering everyone! :cheering: Amy and I are truly excited about the contest and the response thus far. So far we have about 450 entries!

We hope to make contests a more regular thing here on KH. We are going to see if we can get some sponsors on-board for future contests and offer some cool knitterly prizes. :happydance: