Enter now! ;)

i just got this as part of an email from knitter’s pride today. some of you may have received the same email, but just in case…

sadly, I did not knit in public yesterday.

I don’t think I knit at all yesterday!

it was too nice a day here in yakima yesterday to not be active, so i went biking on the greenway along the river. but, i did take a 2@attus WIP with me later, to the yakima pippins (like the apples) minor league baseball game i was at with some friends. the team is back in town after being on the road, this time playing a 3-game series against the walla walla sweets (like the onions). yakima lost 4-3, despite a 9th inning rally that had people very excited… and i got about 20 rounds of my never-ending WIP done. :wink:

Knitting and baseball. What a perfect combination!