Enough stitches but not enough rows


I did a swatch where it required 25 stitches and 35 rows to be knitted into a 15cm*15cm square on 5.5cm needles. My swatch got the 15 cm width but I reached 15 cm with only 31 rows. Will this be a problem when I knit the garment? What will happen?

Your swatch was to check your gauge, correct? If so, you would have a smaller/shorter project. What is your project? Many knitters have difficulty acheiving row count. If your stitches across are good, just knit the number of rows you need for the length of project. Most patterns, socks, sweaters, hats etc. say to knit to X inches before shaping. When I first started knitting, many books I read said, “If you are having difficulty acheiving # of rows for swatch, but the stitch count across is correct, don’t worry about the rows, as much as the # of stitches across.” I live by that and everything I have made fits, again because the patterns usually state, knit until piece measures X inches long. You could try a larger needle but, your swatch size will change across accordingly.
I hope this helps.

You could try going up one size, that may change the row gauge but the st gauge stay the same. Also, try casting on 30 sts and measure the 15cms in the middle. The edge sts usually aren’t the same size as the middle ones, or they curl under a bit. And knit longer than you need, the CO and BO row may be a different height than the actual st.