Enough Rain Already!

Good grief! It has rained for a solid two days straight. I live in the Florida Panhandle, and we are just being swamped. It was so bad yesterday that schools were closed today for fear of unsafe (and even flooded) roads.

My dogs won’t go to the bathroom outside…leaving horrible messes all over the house. Dh is starting to suspect I’m having an affair with the Brawny man. :teehee:


Thanks for letting me vent.

I guess if this continues tomorrow, I’ll be set to stay in my PJ’s and study all day.

Lol…you just reminded me of an old joke me and my best friend had about having an affair with the Brawny paper towel man…:teehee:

You can send some of the rain up here where we’re in a drought!

C’mon down and bring a bucket or two! I won’t even be able to get out to the grocery store if this keeps up! Last night, my car almost stalled out as I took my family to my daughter’s soccer banquet.