Enlisting the KH Crew help

I have a dilemna. It isn’t entirely pressing, but it is something I need to figure out, and also something I cannot blog about.

My husband has requested a cardigan. I am insanely stoked about this, but at the same time I have looked through a gajillion books and websites and have not found a good cardigan. He isn’t into the retro/modern stuff, but also doesn’t want to look like Mr. Rogers. Me, I don’t want to be knitting stockinette for 2 months. I think a bit of cable would be lovely.

What have you knit for your guy? The yarn crawl, where I intend on buying the yarn for this monstrosity, is in the fall, so no hurry…but I need to have something to look forward to.

This might be too much cable, but I kinda like it. DH, on the other hand totally doesn’t so I’m not going to be making it anytime soon…


Oh, also the summer 06 IK issue has a simple zip cardigan with ribbed side panels. I think I’m going to be making this one for my DH. He likes his sweaters to be a bit more conservative.

If cables aren’t his bag, ask about ribbing - At least it isn’t stockinette.