Enlarging a Pattern for a Felting Project - Please Advise

Hello, everyone! . I have a stash of Lopi wool yarn that is just screaming to be felted. So, I want to make a rather large crocheted felted basket for a charity auction at work. I have a pattern for a smaller sized container, but I want to upsize it by about 33%. How do I adjust the pattern?

The engineer in me says to just make the pre-felted object proportionately larger based on the pre- and post-felted dimensions in the pattern and my desired post-felted enlargement. But the knitter/crocheter/quilter says it might not be that straight forward? Any caveats that I’m not thinking about that you would suggest I consider? Will my approach work? Is there a source anyone might recommend for how to modify felting projects from existing patterns? Preferably for crochet, but at this point any help will be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Welcome, John!
I was hoping that someone with experience felting could help you out. I couldn’t find anything about felting an existing knitting pattern which make me think this would be a bit of an adventure. All the patterns seem to be expressly written for later felting.

I think you’re on the right track with simply up-sizing by ~33% but you’ll probably have to give it a go in order to find out if it’ll work. If you do, please report back. You may be our felting expert.