Enlarge this pattern

Hello: I am making this blanket and need it soon. It says the blanket will be about 32 x 32. I would like it to be about 36 x 36. Can someone help me figure how many to cast on…Thank you!

4 Ball Garter Weave Baby Blanket ( on Ravelry).

Very nice looking blanket!

The pattern says it’s knit at a gauge of 2.5sts/inch (although the Ravelry page is different). At that gauge, you’d need 10sts more for 4 inches. The pattern repeat is 12sts so you could add in an extra pattern repeat (for row 1: p3, k9) and get about 36 inches in width. So add 12sts to the cast on.

Thank you! Another forum told me to add a multiple of 12, plus 3 for the P3 plus 14 for the border. I did that and have 5 stitches left over after knitting the first 9 rows…I know she meant well but I replied that I was confused and she didn’t answer. So now I am at the last P3 and have 12 stitches left…

On row 1 did you put the extra 12 sts into the repeat? So instead of
Row 1: K7, (P3, K9) 5 times, P3, K7
you would do
Row 1: K7, (P3, K9) [B]6[/B] times, P3, K7

Make sure too that you’re not adding sts as you change from knits to purls. If you forget to bring the yarn between the needles to front or back you can create a yarn over which will look like a stitch on the next row.

Thank you!