Enlarge a chart

I would like to dubble the size of the blanket the below chart is for the original was to be 25 in by 25 in I want to make it 50 by 50, I have the correct amount of stitches cast on, and knoiw i have to dubble the empty space dimentions, but i cant figure out the chart.

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To do a straight doubling of the chart you would need 97sts times 2 plus the border sts on each end. Is it reading the color chart itself that is the problem?

It was just the resizing of the chart, the original is done of 97 stitches, so I know I need to do it over dubble that, I just didn’t know if it was as simple as say for example the hind legs are done across 5 stitches and 4 rows high, do I just do 10 stitches and 8 rows high, that sounds like a simple way to visualize it but sometimes the simple is not exactly correct, also other people on a different post said it didn’t work well like that for them. I planned to attach the border edges after I did the fox motif. I also planned on doing the motif in two halves then use the Kitchener stitch to join the halves, then attach the border.

Knitting stitches are wider than they are tall so I can see where enlarging this chart by simply doubling might not achieve the desired look.
I originally thought you wanted to make 2 foxes on the blanket and that may be the easiest way to enlarge the blanket.

That affects the creation of the original chart but provided your knitting is uniform. 50 rows will always be twice the measure of 25 rows.

If the chart is for knitting a pattern, then you can double each block in width and height. But there is another step. Consider trai colors with a diagonal edge. Simple doubling will give you a larger stair-step edge.

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You’re right. I’m a little concerned because the original graph looks like the blocks are square. I wonder if doubling will only add to the distortion? It’s worth a try on a small portion, say the face.

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I agree, 50 rows will always be twice the measure of 25 rows but the detail in the image won’t be doubled. Looking at the image I would think other knitters have been unhappy with the result of doubling because of it’s lack of detail on the larger size.

It might be better to do 2 foxes across or look for an image that has already been charted in a larger scale with more detail and definition.