English Vs. Continental

Hi Everyone!! I just found you!! Anyways, my question is about continental knitting an English pattern. Do I have to switch needle sizes? My mom is teaching me to continental knit but all the patterns I’ve tried on my own seems to be way off in size. I’ve been knitting for about 25 yrs now and this has completely stumped me. Please help!!!


As far as I know, and I’m sure someone will correct me, needle size doesn’t matter for either method.
A size 6(US) needle is a size 6(US) needle.

It’s probably your tension and/or gauge that’s making it different.

I think it’s pretty common to have different tension when you’re knitting English vs. continental – I know mine is quite different. Just use whatever needle size yields the gauge specified in the pattern. :smiley:

Yeah, conti-knitting and english knitting isn’t needle size related. The size troubles you’re having are probably just gauge related. You’re likely using the wrong size needles for the pattern. Just because a pattern calls for a size 8 needles, that doesn’t mean that YOU will necessarily need a size 8. The needles that a pattern call is just a guide line. Click on the search field above and type in “gauge”. You’ll get a list of topics that cover how to get the correct gauge. When you have that correct, the size of your work will be more consistent. :wink: Hope that helps…

Thanks everyone!!! That’s what I was thinking but wanted to make sure. My aunt, who was having the same problem, is trying to convince me otherwise. I guess I’ll just have to keep working at it. :XX: :XX: